Lindsay and Kyle Trash the Dress!

People often ask me, “What is that ‘Trash the Dress’ thing you do with your clients?  Do brides actually trash their dress?”  The answer I often say is, “Yes and no.  Some brides choose to go all out, while others are just looking for another fun set of pictures in their wedding dress and attire.”  My husband and I did the latter last summer; but Lindsay and Kyle chose to have fun with their session!

We met the day after their wedding for one of my most anticipated sessions of the summer.  I knew Lindsay was willing to get in the ocean, lay in the sand, whatever it took to get a fun and cool picture.  She had her dress dry cleaned later and all was good. 🙂 Unfortunately, the ocean was filled with so much seaweed that we didn’t get in more than our ankles, but it gave me a great idea to go the pool at the resort.  We had a ton of fun and came up with some really great pictures!

Ralphie is Lindsay and Kyle’s baby.  He came down for the wedding festivities and had to participate in the pictures!  We took a few quick ones with him, seeing as he wasn’t allowed on the beach… shhhhh!Notice how green the water looks?  Makes for really pretty pictures, but not so much for getting in the water!  In fact, very few people at the beach were in the water that day… I imagine it was b/c of the wonderful green seaweed!We then moved to the awesome pool at the resort.  As you can see, there was this huge waterfall at the pool.  Made for a really cool place to swim and TAKE PICTURES in the water!  Many of the guests couldn’t believe we were in the water taking pictures.  I got in with them while my sister, Brie, took some more wide angle shots. FAVORITE of the day and probably of the whole wedding weekend!  I love the colors, the fact that they are in the water, how cool the waterfall looks right behind them- everything about this picture I love! 🙂Kyle was done with pictures (meaning he didn’t want to do anymore), so Lindsay and I went to take pictures at this cute kidding water play area.

So you know those water park buckets/towers that dump water like every 2-5 minutes (or something like that?)  This was then as Lindsay reacts to seeing the water being dumped out right next to her.  We had no idea… So remember that water that dumped gallons of water out every few minutes?  Yeah, we forgot about that…

…And I got dumped on with gallons of water!  And yes, I DID have my camera in my hands.  I momentarily freaked out- but got it dried off quickly and finished the shoot without another hiccup!  Whew!  That could have been bad!

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