Christmas Cheer 2014

I absolutely love Christmas. Like so many others, it’s my favorite holiday of the year; not because of the presents, but everything else that comes with the holiday. I love celebrating the birth of our Savior. I love getting together with family and friends. I love the Christmas lights and decorations. I love Christmas music (but only after Thanksgiving- I don’t listen to it before then). I love baking and making food.

And speaking of baking and making food… last year, we started a few traditions that I continued on this year: two of which had to do with baking and cooking! I made a yummy breakfast with french toast decorated to look like a Christmas tree. Last year, I had regular scrambled eggs. This year, I decided to make them even more realistic to the scene!


The green eggs might look a little weird, but they tasted the same. Right, Sam I Am? 🙂MHM_7011

Levi didn’t get his shaped as a Christmas tree, and he refuses to eat eggs right now (despite loving them last month); but he loved the french toast (battered in butternut squash and eggs!) Oh and look at that bed-head!MHM_7013

I also continued my tradition of making Christmas cookies. Last year, I thought I was doing a good job with my round sugar cookies and store bought icing… bah haha… simpleton! (Please note there is nothing wrong with this if you make your cookies this way… I’m just making fun of myself and noting how much more I love this year’s batch.) 🙂

Last year’s cookies. See… simpleton, right?dsc_0318

This year’s cookies! This year in prepping for Levi’s birthday party, I learned how to make royal icing and attempted at “professional looking” cookies. I carried that over to my Christmas cookies this year.MHM_7006 (1) I even made cookie pops! Because cookies on a stick are that much better, right?!MHM_7002

And finally, our third tradition we started last year with Levi, and the most important one was reading the story of Jesus’ birth from Luke 2. We want to continue this tradition every year. I know he doesn’t understand it now, but one say Levi will understand and I’m glad we’re already setting that foundation with him at this young age.

Snapped a picture of Daddy and Levi reading together after we had finished.MHM_7019

Christmas with a toddler is so much fun. I can’t wait until next year when Levi really starts to understand what’s going on. He still only helped a little with the present opening, but really enjoyed his new toys. Josh and I kept it simple again this year and got him a chair to sit on while reading or watching TV. We also got him a handful of Veggie Tale DVD’s. I can’t wait for him to learn about the Bible with these fun stories that I loved even in high school!

“How am I supposed to get into this chair?!”
MHM_7031 “Okay, so I’m in the chair… not really sure how you want me to get into this thing, Mama.”MHM_7022“This is what you wanted me to do with these presents, right?”MHM_7060“Oh, sit in the chair like this and read my book. I’ll figure out how to read the correct way later. First thing’s first.”
MHM_7066Merry Christmas! If you do celebrate Christmas, I hope your family had a wonderful celebration this year!

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