Tawny and Jacob | Stone Mountain Engagement Pictures

Like OH. MY. GOSH. Can I tell you how much I just LOVED this session? I met Tawny and Jacob at one of my bridal shows in January. We were lucky they came a little later in the show because that gave us a great chance to just sit down one-on-one and talk and get to know each other uninterrupted! We basically had our consultation right then and there at the show! In fact, we both felt so comfortable with each other that they booked me a few weeks later for the August wedding!

We went to Stone Mountain Park this weekend for their engagement pictures. I love Stone Mountain, because if you Google “Stone Mountain Engagement Pictures”, you will TONS of different types of pictures. No two look alike with how amazing and BIG the park is. You have tons of options and a chance to really make your pictures unique to your style and your clients! We did three locations at the park and you probably couldn’t even tell we were at Stone Mountain!

In fact, the first location was the only one I had planned, which was at the Grist Mill. We stopped there first for a cute set of pictures of Tawny and Jacob in their green and white. It went perfectly with the white azalea’s and green blooming everywhere! Our second location was a set of trees I just happened to pass as we were on our way to our scheduled second location. The trees literally just spoke to me, “Mandi, come in here and take pictures!” I was sooooo glad that I turned around and stopped. The feel of the forest was magical, almost “Lord of the Rings like.” Jacob agreed with me! Man, these pictures here turned out awesome.

Our final location was also by accident. We had originally planned to take the SkyRide up to the top of the mountain to get some sunset pictures, but the parking lot was full by the time we got there. I pulled down a side street hoping to find parking close by. Tawny tore her ACL recently and is still recovering (ugh… I remember the recovery for that one! I tore mine in college…) so I didn’t want to make her walk too far. Unfortuntately (but it worked out so much better!) if you can’t get a parking spot at the SkyRide parking lot, you have to walk pretty far from another lot to get there. All that being said, I pulled down a side street hoping to find parking, but I didn’t. I did, however, find this AMAZING spot that had exposed granite and yellow flowers and trees. I knew this was going to be an amazing spot for pictures… and it didn’t disappoint! The sun was perfect behind the trees, the location was just fabulous! I was jumping up and down in excitement with every picture I saw sooc! (straight off of camera!)

Tawny and Jacob are just perfect in front of the camera! They were so cute together and I got so many natural and beautiful pictures of the two of them together. I absolutely cannot wait until their wedding this August. It’s at a vineyard in North Georgia and I’m already getting excited about the beautiful pictures we are going to get at their venue!

After their session, we tried to go to this BBQ place right outside of the park that has amazing reviews, but I never actually looked at their website to find out the Crazy Ron’s BBQ was one of those shacks outside that you come and order to-go BBQ. I am sure it is the most amazing BBQ around, but it was closed when we got there and it was getting dark, so even if they were open, we weren’t sure we wanted to sit outside in the dark eating our yummy BBQ; so instead, we went to IHOP (side note, I’m so “apple trained” that I just spelt it iHop and then changed it!!) We had a great time hanging out and getting to know each other! Congrats to Tawny and Jacob! And special thanks to my high school intern, Sabrina, for joining and assisting me!

Love this tree!Stone Mountain Grist Mill Engagement Stone Mountain GA Engagement Session Couple Stone Mountain Engaged Everything about this location made me happy!Stone Mountain Georgia Engagement Sessions Sunset Engagement Stone Mountain GA Stone Mountain Grist Mill Engagement Session Look at this! So wonderful!Engagement Session Stone Mountain GA Stone Mountain Grist Mill Engagement Couple See? Lord of the Rings 🙂Stone Mountain Georgia Engagment Couple Stone Mountain Engagements Stone Mountain Engaged Couple All natural smiles. LOVE it!Stone Mountain Georgia Engagment Oh those yellow flowers just made the location!Stone Mountain GA Engagement Session Engagement Couple Stone Mountain Stone Mountain GA Engagement Stone Mountain GA Engaged Stone Mountain Engagment I mean, come on?! Is this real life?Sunset Stone Mountain Georgia Engagment Stone Mountain Look at those sun rays coming through the tree… not Photoshopped in!Engagement Session Stone Mountain Georgia Sunset Engagement Session Stone Mountain Engaged Stone Mountain Probably one of my favorites of the night. First one I posted as a preview on Facebook!Stone Mountain EngagementStone Mountain Engagement Session Couple So magicalStone Mountain Engagement Session Engagement Ring Stone Mountain Engagement Couple Stone Mountain GA Engagement Couple Stone Mountain Georgia Stone Mountain Engaged Session Grist Mill Stone Mountain Engagement Session Grist Mill Stone Mountain Engagement Engagement Stone Mountain GA Engagement Session Stone Mountain Georgia Engaged Stone Mountain Georgia

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