Owens Adoption: Baby Update

I’m an aunt again!! Oh my goodness! It seems so unreal that it’s finally happened! After a 16 month journey of emotional ups and downs, my sister and brother-in-law are parents! Stephen Joseph Owens II was born on April 23 at 11:01am. Brie was blessed to be in the room when he was born and get to change his diaper and feed him first. I can only imagine how awesome that was for her as a new mom! I just smile for her as I think about it.


Utah has a 24.5 hour revocation (waiting) period for the birthmother. Most states, however, have up to 10 days. There may be longer periods, but I don’t know. So what that means is while the adoptive parents might take the baby from the hospital, they still aren’t legally parents until the the revocation period is over. The next day, they went and signed paperwork with the birthmom and Joseph was officially theirs! God knew all along throughout this adoption journey that he would be theirs even though we didn’t.

There is a lot of emotion that goes into adoption. I can only imagine how much greater it is for those directly involved, as I was very emotional just being the aunt; but as a mom myself, I know all of the recovery the birthmom is going through only to walk away from the hospital without a baby. As elated as I am for my sister and for our family’s gain, I can’t help but share that part of me hurts for this amazing birthmom who selflessly gave up her child so that my sister and brother-in-law could be parents. We will be forever grateful to her. I’m so proud of Brie and all of her strength during this whole process. Brie has said it often that they are very cognsant of the fact that their gain is the birthmom’s loss. I’ll just share a little bit of Brie’s recent blog post:

“As adoptive parents, this is so difficult to explain the emotions involved. We are so thankful for our birthmother and know that without her, we wouldn’t be a family of 3. We also know that as she leaves the hospital, she will leave without a baby. I’ve said it before, our greatest joy and gain is her greatest loss. I pray that she would know the gift she gave to us. She did sign saying that we would be the parents to her son, and we breathed a sigh and cried. Again. In case you haven’t seen the theme, I’ve been crying a lot. Tears of joy, gratitude, overwhelming love, sadness, and more joy. As soon as all was signed, we shared our son, Stephen Joseph Owens ll with the world. Joseph, we love you!” 

First family picture!first pic

They took Joseph home from the hospital two days later, but to their temporary home in Utah. They had to wait until all paperwork in Utah and Georgia were cleared and signed off. Luckily, this took less than a week. They were blessed beyond measure with a basement apartment to stay in from a friend-of-a-friend. This couple set up a meal calendar for them as well, so while they were out there, they had a group of amazing strangers bringing them meals! Thank you for your kind love to my sister and Stephen! They were blessed by you!

Levi and Joseph FaceTimed twice last week. Levi wasn’t sure what to think of his little cousin. He just stared the whole time. It was pretty funny. I can’t wait to see how he reacts to him in person. Levi hasn’t really been around little babies yet, so we will see how he does!

facetimeSince we had the yard sale last week, the house got left in disarray, so this past week, my mom and I went back up to their house to clean it up for them; and because everything was so last minute and fast, Brie didn’t have a chance to get the nursery together. I worked on the nursery most of the day while mom cleaned and worked in the bathroom and living room.

Brie did the cute ribbon banner and added some to the mobile as well. Super cute!image4I painted the animals for her for Christmas last year in anticipation for baby! I am so happy with how they look in the room! I also found that wooden block “you are our greatest adventure” at Hobby Lobby and knew I had to get it for them!image1 I bought this amazing glider at a yard sale from my next door neighbor. It’s super comfy and awesome! I know they will have tons of cuddle time together in this glider!image2 I went and got these three initials to put on the wall! Stephen Joseph Owens II 🙂image3

They were cleared to head home, so on Sunday of this week, they flew home with Joseph! I missed out on the homecoming because I am currently at Myrtle Beach with a trip that had been planned before the last minute call to get Joseph. Oh my heart is dying to meet my nephew. My arms ache to hold him! I am loving vacation, but I am ready to be home so I can go to Athens to see my nephew! My mom got to meet him and she told me he’s perfect! So much hair and so snuggly! Oh I cannot wait!!

Be on the lookout for the blog post next week once I get to meet him! Baby Update: Meeting Joseph!

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