Funday Friday | Random Facts Part I

So every now and then I’ll be doing a Funday Friday blog post that is literally just for fun! Happy Friday everyone! I hope you’re ready for the weekend and have some fun plans coming up! I am excited to get home from the beach tomorrow to see my hubby! I have missed him this week! I am also looking forward to celebrating my second Mother’s Day with Levi!

On this edition of Funday Friday, I will be sharing just random facts about myself!

1) I can wiggle my eyes. I’ve only met a handful of people who can do it, but I can shake my eyes back and forth if I focus on an object in front of me. Don’t ask me how I discovered I could do this, but it’s something I’ve been able to do as a kid. I remember freaking people out when I would do it. Do you know anyone who can do this? I’ve only seen two other people actually do it, so it’s always funny to be on the other side of it and actually see their eyes move since I can’t see it myself!

2) I have to sleep with a blanket or some sort of fabric between my pillow and my head. This is a habit I formed in high school or college. I can literally hear the pillow fibers moving around next to my ear when I sleep and cannot stand it. It’s too “loud” in my ear and is so distracting, so I’ve discovered that if I sleep with a blanket and tuck it under my head, I don’t hear the pillow fibers moving… I know so weird. Someone tell me I’m not a complete freak and know what I’m talking about?! I feel like Princess and the Pea!


3) I played the Fairy Godmother in my 2nd grade Cinderella play. I seriously need to find some pictures for you because they are awesome. My mom made this elaborate blue dress with frillies and sequins and just about anything sparkly you could think of. It was amazing. She worked so long and hard on my dress and the dresses of a few of my friends as well. So there was a stomach bug going around with the kids at the school and the day our second show, I got it. We didn’t do understudies in the 2nd grade, so I was IT. And you can’t have Cinderella without the Fairy Godmother. While I was only in one scene, it was a kind of important one. I was throwing up literally minutes before I had to go on. Mrs. Dothard, my 2nd grade teacher, was holding my hair and keeping my dress out of the way. I ran from the restroom to run on stage, perform my part as the Fairy Godmother, and then go off stage to throw up again! No one knew but my parents and people behind the stage. Talk about fun times!

4) I was born at 5lb 11oz. If you know me today, you would never guess that I was that tiny. I wasn’t a premie or anything either, just not much room to grow in my mom since she was 5ft 2in and only 96lb when she got pregnant with me. She’s always been petite, so my mom really thought I would be too! I ended up with my Dad’s height. (Yay!)

Not a picture of me as a newborn, but cute picture of my older sister, Amy, and my cousin, Kristi!10403529_918635638151134_2820516498261836616_n

5) When I was in Kindergarten, I wanted to be a “doctor that took the mommy’s babies out of the tummy” (aka an OBGYN). I have no idea where I got that idea. I didn’t know any OBGYN’s and don’t remember watching a show that had one or anything. Little did I know what was all involved in that. It’s not a career I stuck to long, because in 1st grade, I wanted to be an artist. šŸ™‚

There ya go! Five fun facts/stories about me! I hope someone is reading these as I had a good time writing them! šŸ™‚

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