Owens Adoption: Meeting Joseph

Oh my goodness. My heart is so full right now! I got to meet my nephew, Joseph, yesterday! After 16 months of waiting and praying, my sister finally got to meet her son! I had to wait an extra two weeks to meet him since they were in Salt Lake City to get him and I was at the beach when they came home; so yesterday was my chance to meet him!

I got there and the second I held him, I started crying. Brie laughed and said “well, that didn’t take long!” She was right about that. My heart couldn’t contain the amount of love I felt at that moment. I had been praying for him for months, but didn’t know it was him I was praying for. It was amazing to finally see the face that I been praying for so long.

There is something amazing about seeing your sister as a mother. I loved every second of seeing her snuggle and kiss on her son. It was simply amazing to see her take care of him and calm him when he got upset. Motherhood suits her perfectly.

I’m not a newborn photographer by any means, but I had to take pictures of my nephew! I love you Joseph!

MHM_1555 MHM_1601 MHM_1565 - Version 2 2015-05-12_0004 MHM_1569 Big baby yawn!MHM_1580 MHM_1598 2015-05-12_0001 MHM_1605 MHM_1658 - Version 2 2015-05-12_0005Oh be still my heart
MHM_1621 - Version 2 MHM_1593 2015-05-12_0003 MHM_1754 Family love!MHM_1634 MHM_1700 MHM_1752 MHM_1618 2015-05-12_0002 MHM_1755

I wanted to get a pic of the boys together, but iPhone had to do. This warms my heart so much! Oh wow. Cousin love!image1

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