Jessica and Sean | Georgia Tech Engagement Pictures

Jessica met Ben and me at one of our bridal shows back in March. She talked with Ben at the show, and while I talked with her briefly, we didn’t really have a chance to meet until her engagement session with Sean last week.

She had simply the nicest things to say to me when she contacted me after the show about shooting her wedding. She spoke to exactly what Ben and I try to do at the bridal shows and what my business revolves around: a personal relationship with our clients. She told me, “We love the idea of having a two person photography team and your photos are absolutely beautiful.  Also, talking to Ben was great. It was our first bridal show and we were both overwhelmed by all the commotion at the other booths. Ben was so calm and we felt like he was really listening to what we had to say and I very much appreciate that. We are really interested in hiring you!” My heart soared when she spoke to exactly what I shoot for in my business. I knew she was a perfect fit right then and there!

We met at Georgia Tech for a fun and awesome sunset shoot last week. Of course we picked a date that included the first Hawks playoff game against the Cav’s and a home Braves game, so traveling down there took me a little longer. I would normally need 35 minutes and take 400 south to 85 south/the connector, but I avoided that like the plague, knowing it would be awful. I gave myself an hour and went down 75 south instead and got off before it met up with 85 at the connector. Gotta love Atlanta traffic… luckily traffic at Tech wasn’t bad! 

Sean attended Georgia Tech for undergraduate and is still there for graduate school, and Jessica went to Agnes Scott College. They are getting married at Agnes Scott, so it made perfect since for them to take engagement pictures at Georgia Tech! Plus, they met on campus at Tech, so it was a perfect location for their engagement session. We had such a fun time getting to know each other and hang out taking pictures. I cannot wait to shoot their wedding next fall!

BJL_6940 2015-05-26_0001 BJL_7074 2015-05-26_0002 BJL_6928 2015-05-26_0003 2015-05-26_0004 BJL_6953 2015-05-26_0006 Gorgeous ring! Good job, Sean!BJL_7124BJL_6978 Jessica’s ring and her necklace with Sean’s fraternity initials. 2015-05-26_0010BJL_6967 BJL_7057 - Version 2 2015-05-26_0011BJL_7135 2015-05-26_0009 BJL_6974 2015-05-26_0012 BJL_6947BJL_7193 BJL_6994 - Version 2 BJL_7011 BJL_7288 BJL_7034 2015-05-26_0005 BJL_7044 BJL_7061 BJL_7067 BJL_7086 BJL_7148 BJL_7187 BJL_7114 BJL_7157 BJL_7276 2015-05-26_0008 BJL_7287 At the end of the evening, we went to the roof top of Clough Commons to take pictures. You got a beautiful view of the city in the background, and the lighting was PERFECT! I loved this location and how awesome it looked.2015-05-26_0007 Sweet nose kissesBJL_7216 BJL_7210 BJL_7222 - Version 2BJL_7252 BJL_7263 - Version 2 BJL_7272 BJL_7213BJL_7301At the end of the evening, we went to Sean’s fraternity house. While Jessica and Sean met at Georgia Tech, they specially met each other the first time at Sean’s fraternity house, Delta Upsilon; so of course they wanted to get pictures taken at the house!
BJL_7306 2015-05-26_0013

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