Shoot and Share Contest | Follow Up

Some of you may remember my post a few months ago about the Shoot and Share contest I was a part of. You can check out my blog post about it here if you didn’t see it. My favorite part of this contest is that anyone in the photography community can anonymously enter up to 40 pictures to a number of different categories from children to various wedding categories to seniors to phone photography and personal work. All in all, there were 21 different categories. And the other cool part is we all then vote on the best pictures! How cool is that? You enter your pictures and vote for your competitors pictures? Talk about a community that supports each other!

All in all, there were nearly 74,000 people involved with nearly 111,000 pictures submitted! See how many votes were submitted in the course of the contest? People went nuts this year. Last year was the first year and they had only around 3,000,000 if I can remember correctly. This year, it exploded!Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 8.32.34 AM

To vote, you would choose one of four pictures that came up on the screen from a particular category, then you would move on to the next set of four and so forth. I spent too many hours on my phone and computer voting; but it was so much fun getting to see all of the amazing work from all of the incredible photographers out there! I even got to see an handful of my pictures as I voted! That was totally fun!

I entered a number of pictures from Ben and me in a handful of the wedding categories, the engagement category, and the senior category. In all, there were 12 rounds of voting. Majority of the pictures didn’t get past around 6; but I had 8 of them make it into the top 30% of pictures and even one become a finalist in round 12! This meant my picture was in the top 10% and in the final round. None of my pictures made it to the top 100 in any category; but that’s okay! I am excited with how well mine and Ben’s pictures did for my first year in the contest. Below are three of the pictures that made it to the top.

This ring shot I took of Alicia’s engagement ring made it as a finalist this year in the “Ring Shot” Category. It was in the top 10% at 181st place of 3,170 ring shots that were submitted. I was so thrilled to see this picture go so far, especially since I took this picture a week before the contest started!Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 4.52.25 PM

One of Ben’s great candid shots made it to the top 10% in the “Real Moment” Category. This picture made it to round 11/12 and came in 497th of 5,893 pictures submitted in this category. I just love how he captured this shot. It’s one of Ben’s favorites he’s captured.Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 5.11.59 PM

Another shot from Elyse and Billy’s wedding. Ben and I are so proud of this shot. It’s one of our favorites. As top 10%, it was one of the top in the largest category, “The Wedding Couple” with 13,701 photos submitted! It came in 1,105.Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 5.19.00 PM

Below are some of the category winners and the Grand Prize winner of the contest. I loved everything about this contest and thank the Shoot and Share leaders for putting it on and the tireless hours they put into the contest. They worked their butts off for us! I cannot even imagine the amount of work that went into them going through all of the submitted pictures, organizing them into categories, filtering out pictures that didn’t belong, and putting together all of the stats for every single picture from every single person from the contest. I can’t wait for next year’s contest!

One of my favorites of the “That Just Happened” Category is this photobomb at a wedding. You can check out the story behind the picture! Awesome capture Studio 1208!Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 8.49.24 AM

This next photo was from the “Real Moment” Category. I know it will make you cry. Such a beautiful story that will touch your heart. I just love this! Great shot Linnealiz Photography!Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 8.52.01 AM

Kristy Ryan was the Grand Prize Winner of the entire contest with her amazing engagement photo. She had an amazing and successful contest!Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 8.54.54 AM

She said that she took the picture at a cranberry bog originally wanting to using her drone. You’ll have to read how she actually got this picture. I love it! Congrats to Kristy!Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 9.01.20 AM

I’m already collecting a handful of photos for next year’s contest! I have a folder on my computer that I put them into as I shoot pictures throughout the year! Here are few that so far I plan to submit!

Ben captured this perfect shot of Laura’s daughter getting ready for their wedding and none too pleased with getting the flowers tucked into her hair. This would be submitted to the “Real Moment” Category.BJL_0351

This engagement ring picture of Blake’s engagement ring is a for sure submission for next year’s “Ring Shot” Category.BJL_5705

Ben and I took the same shot from Laura and Mark’s wedding of their desserts at their wedding. I would submit this one to the “Details: Cake, Flowers, and Decor” Category.BJL_1278

I have a handful more that I would love to submit already, but I won’t post all of them! Just a sampling for now! 🙂 I have a feeling it’s going to be hard to narrow it down to 40 for next year’s contest! Thanks again Shoot and Share for a fun contest and a fun and amazing way to connect with other photographers in the community around the world!

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