Celebrating the 4th

I love celebrating the 4th of July! I really enjoy watching fireworks. Last year, we skipped the fireworks since Levi was only nine months old, so I really wanted to see some this year. I took Levi last month to Stone Mountain to see the laser show, and he loved them. I decided we should give it a try.

We did some research and found that Roswell had some fireworks about 6 miles from our house. A lot of people told us that the Kohl’s shopping center near our house would be a great spot. We pulled in an hour and a half before the show started thinking that it would be getting packed only to find a handful of cars. I went and asked a couple of the families and they said that it used to be packed out in the parking lot, but they had moved the fireworks this year to a different location. They believed that we would still be able to see them from our location. I debated trying to find another location closer, but wasn’t really sure where we would park based on where the fireworks were located, so we decided to stay.

Levi loved running around the parking lot. We brought a few toys for him to play with, and despite it being almost two hours after his bedtime, he was great! By the time the show started, there were about 30 or so cars in the parking lot. We knew the direction in which the show should start, and sure enough, we could see them… just barely over the trees, and unfortunately not enough to enjoy the show or have Levi be able to see them. We packed up and headed home only to find that the car battery had died while we were waiting! Luckily I made some friends when I walked around asking about the show, so they came and helped us jump the car. I was bummed we missed out on the fireworks… BUT, we got home to see that our neighborhood was shooting some off. Levi LOVED them. He kept looking and going “wow” and “woah” the whole time. It was just too cute. Next year, we’ll make sure that we are in the right location for sure!

Before we went to check out the fireworks, I wanted to do a photo shoot of Levi in his cute 4th of July outfit. Unfortunately, he didn’t want to do too many in his outfit. I ended up giving him a popsicle in which he absolutely loved, but I decided to take his shirt off since I knew he would drip and make a mess! I loved his reaction to eating his first popsicle and how much he enjoyed it!

These were the best two that I got of him in his 4th of July outfit. He didn’t want to sit still until I gave him the popsicle.2015-07-05_0001 2015-07-05_0002“Mmmm… this is tasty!”BJL_9496 BJL_9540“This thing is awesome!”2015-07-05_0003 BJL_9509 BJL_9492 BJL_9507 2015-07-05_0004“I’m really enjoying this.”BJL_9526“Excuse me. You cannot have my popsicle…”BJL_9542

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