In Pursuit of a Community | Part II

Last week, I talked about my Pursuit of a Community in Part I of my post. Check it out first if you didn’t get a chance to read it…

So as my love for Pursuit grew over the years, so did my passion to be a part of a physical community of ladies. With quitting my full time job as a teacher to stay home with Levi, I have now been able to focus on him, but also spend much more time in my business the way I always wish I could have, but never could because of a full time job.

In that search for a physical community, I knew that Pursuit has different city groups that women can participate in. This year, Pursuit restructured the way their groups met, changing it from state groups to more specifically city groups. In Georgia, we have groups that meet in Athens and Atlanta. The Athens group was established at the beginning of the year, but Atlanta didn’t have one. My heart was longing for a group of sisters to meet with and get to know, so I prayed about it, applied, and got accepted as the group leader for Atlanta!

pursuit atlanta

I’m in charge of leading and organizing monthly groups. Pursuit has monthly themes that we follow, for example, in June, we did a family get-together. For this month, we met last night at my house and had a dinner party/community service project together! My heart is still full from the awesome gathering we had! I cannot wait to blog about it next week! Next month, I’m working on a styled shoot! I’m so thrilled and blessed to be able to participate and lead this group of incredible women.

Small preview of last night’s gathering at my houseMHM_2381

The last thing that Pursuit does is have an annual conference that is supposed to be just incredible! I found Pursuit shortly after the first conference, couldn’t make the 2nd or 3rd one because of the timing of having Levi and still nursing him/his birthday. This year, I had hoped to go, but the registration for it sold out in SIX HOURS! I wasn’t planning on that happening; I don’t think Pursuit was either! God is doing some amazing things with Pursuit and is growing it in leaps and bounds. I was so sad that I didn’t get a ticket to the conference this fall and just hoped that I would be able to make it happen for next year. A few months ago, Pursuit opened up a spring conference in April. I was ecstatic! I could finally go! Until I found out it was a week that wouldn’t work out in my schedule and coverage for Levi.

Pursuit announced last week that they had a few spots open for the fall conference. I immediately called Josh and my father-in-law to see if he could watch Levi for me. After about 30 minutes of figuring out logistics, it became clear that I was going to be able to go!!! I cried, I was so excited! I’m still so excited!!! I absolutely cannot wait until October and the chance to get to meet more ladies from around the country. I look forward to the learning I get to do, but more importantly, the growth in Jesus that I get to experience through the influence of the conference. It’s going to be awesome!

I am beyond thankful for Pursuit and finding this amazing community of women who love their businesses, but more importantly, love Jesus! It’s amazing! Once again, if you are a Christian women creative in the industry, you should check out Pursuit Community on Facebook! It’s awesome! Thanks so much for reading and sharing in my excitement about this amazing community!

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