Nicki and Craig | Serenbe Engagement Pictures

Last Monday, I had the opportunity to be a part of on of the cutest and most amazing proposals ever! I posted about it last week and all of it’s amazing pictures. Right after the proposal, we used the amazing venue at Serenbe Farms to take some fun engagement pictures. I decided that I needed all of my couples to take their engagement pictures right after getting proposed. It produced the most amazing natural set of pictures with laughter and smiles. I loved everything about their sweet session!

I hope we can work it out for me to come and shoot their wedding in Florida! I seriously loved hanging out with Nicki and Craig and getting to know them!

2015-08-04_0001 I just love all of the laughter and joy in all of these pictures!BJL_2134 BJL_2093 BJL_2119 2015-08-04_0008 BJL_2057 BJL_2307 Good job on the ring, Craig!BJL_2407 BJL_2083 BJL_2087 BJL_2151 2015-08-04_0002 BJL_2159 2015-08-04_0006 BJL_2164 BJL_2355 BJL_2169 BJL_2266 2015-08-04_0007 BJL_2188 BJL_2221 2015-08-04_0004 BJL_2268 Oh I just LOVE it!BJL_2290 2015-08-04_0003 BJL_2312 “I LOVE my ring!”BJL_2334 BJL_2340 2015-08-04_0005 BJL_2363 BJL_2377 I made them a fun proposal basket filled with goodies and my bridal magazine to help begin all of the planning! Congrats Nicki and Craig!BJL_2373

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