50th Anniversary | Leaving a Legacy

Last weekend I had the opportunity to take pictures for Larry and Carole for their 50th wedding anniversary. I taught one of their grandchild a few years ago, so that’s how I got contacted to do the pictures. I was so excited for the opportunity! By the end of the evening, I felt like I was a big part of the Fisher family! They are so sweet and caring and just welcomed me in! Larry and Carole are simply wonderful and have created the most amazing legacy with their four children and now twelve grandchildren. I heard the various speeches on how sacrificial they are with their time and resources, how they go to their grandchildren’s sporting events, take their family on cruise vacations, supported each other during hard times, how they have directed their family to Christ over the years, and so much more!

I look at Larry and Carole and hope that Josh and I can only have a legacy like that one day. Larry and Carole got married at the same ages that Josh and I did, so we have a chance to make it to 50 years together and be in our early 70’s. I hope that our love of Christ can reflect through our lives, pass down to Levi and our future child(ren), and then pass down to their kids and so forth. It would bring me no greater joy in life to know that my children and their children know Jesus and serve Him.

BJL_1424 BJL_1425They’re watching a video with interviews of all grandchildren. Let’s just say the comments from the littlest grandchildren cracked me up!
BJL_1503 BJL_1506 BJL_1520 BJL_1545 So much laughter had all evening long by everyone!BJL_1576 I just love that “knowing” look they give each other!BJL_1504 BJL_1582 Laughing at tons of great memories!BJL_1529 BJL_1584 First let me take a selfie!BJL_1590 BJL_1604 This is their actual wedding topper from their wedding 50 years ago!BJL_1648 Time to cut the cake…BJL_1664 …time to SHOVE the cake! Oh I just love it!!BJL_1673


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