New Look for the Blog

If you’ve been following me for any time of period, you might have noticed that this past spring when I rebranded my website and everything else, I did a slight facelift to my blog as well. I was just so busy and didn’t really have the time to invest into rebranding and changing my blog in addition to everything else going on. I got to blogging regularly and you’ve noticed I blog at least 3, sometimes 4 days a week and don’t just blog only my pictures anymore. I have loved this change and I hope that you have as well!

All of that to be said, I knew my blog needed a real facelift. I decided this week that I would! Mainly because my storage space for my blog was full and the only way to get more pictures and stuff to you guys would be to upgrade my blog! Well I spent this week working and getting it together. I had the foundation of everything still with all of my old posts, so all I needed to do was pick a new theme and design it from there.

If you’ll also notice that the blog name has changed! I now have an “official” blog name! Instead of that long……….. I’m now just! Yay! I love how clean and crisp the new name looks!

Not too much on this blog post, and no need to post pictures; but feel free to scroll around and see all of the new features I have on the blog! I hope you can see how much it has changed and like the new feel of the site! Comment below and let me know what your favorite new feature is!

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