Pursuit Community Styled Shoot

As community group leader for the Pursuit Community- Atlanta, I am in charge of planning a gathering for the ladies each month. In August, I planned a styled shoot for the women. I had never organized a styled shoot before, so when I saw on the calendar that Pursuit had a styled shoot planned for August, I was really excited. I had been wanting to do one for months, but never really had the time to get it done. This got me motivated to get it planned!

For those of you who don’t know what a styled shoot is, it’s a chance to for vendors to get together to do a “fake wedding”. We get together for pretty much every part of a wedding with the exception of the actual ceremony and reception; but we set up and take pictures as if it were a wedding. Styled shoots can be done for pretty much anything and not just weddings. Most of the Pursuit ladies are wedding photographers as am I, so this was the perfect fit for us.

The day of the shoot, we were a little worried it wasn’t going to work out! It was raining most of the day; and while we had indoor options for pictures, we definitely wanted to take advantage of the beautiful outdoors at our venue. So while the vendors were setting up for the reception style pictures, I prayed that the rain would stop so we could take our models outside for pictures; and it stopped! We were able to go outside and take some beautiful pictures! And it literally started raining as soon as we were finished! The Lord timed it perfectly for the shoot!

I knew from the beginning that I would use Little River Farms in Milton for the shoot. Amazing Jennifer, the owner of Little River Farms, and I have gotten to know each other since the wedding I shot there in fall of 2014. Apparently (with the exception of Jennifer’s wedding) I was the first photographer to shoot there. I had no idea until I talked to Jennifer earlier in the year! Her venue is BOOMING now with weddings almost every weekend, and it’s no wonder! It’s a beautiful venue. I get to go back in the spring for another wedding and I cannot wait. The farm and reception area were just perfect for what I wanted for the styled shoot.

From there, I wanted to have a deconstructed or naked wedding cake without icing on the outside. If you Google naked wedding cake, you will see a ton of different cakes that look similar to the one we did for the shoot. Cakes by Carissa did an amazing job! I am not joking when I say this cake had the most amazing icing I have ever tasted. After the shoot, she left the cake for us to eat off of. Well, let’s just say that after we ate what we wanted at the shoot, that I went home with almost two whole tears of wedding cake! Luckily I had family in town that week to help me eat some of it. Even still, I ended up freezing some for later on!

Lisa Formaro from The Sweet Trend was the first vendor I brought on to work with me on the shoot. She is a party stylist who does an amazing job at decorating for parties using various vendors products to make it just look amazing! I met Bailey Wilson of Bailey Wilson Designs at a bridal show earlier in the year. Our booths were next door and we connected and kept in touch. She did an amazing job with the invitations and all printed material for the shoot! Robin Johnsen is my sister’s best-friend from high school and I was so happy to be able to bring her on with us! She is the most amazing hair and make-up artist. Her work is simply amazing! Vanessa Gilbreath from Vintage English Teacup provided us with an awesome and unique set of tableware. It looked amazing and added so much to the shoot! Luisa Hammett and her husband, Drew, were our awesome models! Luisa is a food blogger and has a great blog called Peaches to Pearls.

I could NOT have done the shoot without the amazing work of Kim McNaron from Holland Daze Weddings and Cindy Brock from Miss Milly’s. These two were simply amazing in getting the flowers and detail decorations for the shoot. I pretty much gave them the colors we were using and showed them a few samples on my Pinterest Inspiration Board of what I had a vision for and let them go with it. I could not have been happier with their work! Seriously. As Kim would say “the pictures are dripping gorgeous!” I couldn’t agree more! I will be referring them to all of my clients from here on out and hope to get to work with them both again!

Overall, I think for my first planned styled shoot, it went great. I definitely learned a lot about the dynamics of planning a styled shoot. The Pursuit ladies who came to take pictures for it had a wonderful time! We took turns posing the couple and taking their pictures. It sure looked like paparazzi with all of the photographers taking pictures of the models!

Thanks again to all of the amazing vendors who came out to help and thanks to all of the Pursuit ladies for coming to the shoot!


Mandi Mitchell (82)

Love the set up from Lisa and The Sweet Trend!2015-08-31_0006

Bailey did such an amazing job with the design of the invitations!Mandi Mitchell (110)

Cindy’s table and bird cages added so much to the look! It all came together so nicely! I love how it looks!Mandi Mitchell (108)

Mandi Mitchell (11)


Mandi Mitchell (6) 2015-08-31_0004

Mandi Mitchell (84)2015-08-31_0005

Mandi Mitchell (109)

Vanessa’s teacups look so great with the decor and set up here!2015-08-31_0008

Mandi Mitchell (104)2015-08-31_0011

Lisa also makes these awesome gift baskets and boxes! They are great for bridal party gifts!2015-08-31_0009

Mandi Mitchell (26)



This whole reception table set up was just amazing. I couldn’t have been happier or more in love with it!Mandi Mitchell (15)



Mandi Mitchell (16)

Such a “sweet” sweetheart table for the bride and groom!Mandi Mitchell (18)

A photographers dream with all of the awesome details2015-08-31_0021

Mandi Mitchell (20)

Mandi Mitchell (19)

Mandi Mitchell (24)

Love the bridal bouquet! So pretty!Mandi Mitchell (81)

Mandi Mitchell (80)

Lovely Luisa did such a great job modeling for us!2015-08-31_0024

Look at that hair! Great job Robin! I am still in love with it!Mandi Mitchell (51)

2015-08-31_0019Mandi Mitchell (43)


Mandi Mitchell (44)


Mandi Mitchell (40)


Mandi Mitchell (69)

Handsome Drew! Love the bowtie and boutonniere combo!2015-08-31_0013Mandi Mitchell (70)


You can tell these two are married and aren’t just two random models. I love how sweet they were together!Mandi Mitchell (54)


Mandi Mitchell (55)

Mandi Mitchell (57)

Mandi Mitchell (58)


Mandi Mitchell (64)


I always love taking pictures using greenery in the foreground 🙂Mandi Mitchell (65)

Mandi Mitchell (67)

So adorable!

Mandi Mitchell (75)


AHHH! Love it! Mandi Mitchell (76)

Photographer: ME! 🙂
Florist: Kim McNaron from Holland Daze
Furniture and Detail Decor: Cindy Brock from Miss Milly’s
Venue: Jennifer Ivey, owner of Little River Farms
Cake: Carissa Hobbs from Cakes by Carissa
Model: Luisa Hammett of Peaches to Pearls
Table Settings: Vanessa Gilbreath of Vintage English Teacup
Party Stylist/Food Decor: Lisa Formaro from The Sweet Trend
Hair stylist/Make-Up Artist: Robin Johnsen from Robin and Roux
Wedding Invites and Paper: Bailey Wilson of Bailey Wilson Designs

15 thoughts on “Pursuit Community Styled Shoot

  1. I’m so glad I found you on Rising Tide. Your shoot is STUNNING! It’s clear the concept was very clear and I LOVE Bright colors so the sweets were really drawing me in. The photo where you had the greenery in the foreground is really something else! Also, who can resist a beautiful bride and a groom in a bow tie!!??

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