The Story of Us | How We Met- The Early Months

The Story of Us

I have had my business for nearly eight years and I have never done an official introduction of my husband or how we started dating to my viewers! How terrible is that? I mention him constantly, almost daily, on my blog; but somewhere along the way, I messed up and never officially introduced him to you! I talk about my clients and their love stories all of the time, but I haven’t shared mine!

Most wives will tell you that their husbands are their best friends. Well I mean it 100%, 1000% when I say Joshua is my bestest-best-best friend in the world. More than my BFF, he’s my BBBBBFF. He makes me laugh daily and after nearly eight years of marriage to him; I still get butterflies in my stomach when I think about him; I still cry whenever we have to spend a night apart from each other; I still love it when he sends me texts or little notes; I still light up whenever he tells me he loves me.

We met our freshmen year of college, but neither of us remember when or through whom. He says he remembers me singing at our Mountain Day Talent Show, which would have been the first weekend in October, and thinking how pretty I was and how much he enjoyed hearing me sing. We had to have become good enough friends by mid-November, because I have a picture of the two of us sitting together after an after-semi-formal get-together. But honestly, in between there and before, we don’t remember when we officially met.

This is probably out first picture together. Oh how young we were! 18 years old with our lives ahead of us!mandi%20josh

Our friendship grew a lot that spring semester. We were on homecoming court in January, and while I was friends with the other guy first (Ryan was one of my first friends at Berry), I remember telling Josh that I wanted to walk with him as my escort. Even today, the picture we got is one of my favorites of us. He, my roommate, Kristi, and I hung out a lot that semester, although the two of us at the time were dating guys (who were completely not right for either of us, but that’s another story for another day…) Kristi and I got Josh a Valentines teddy bear, that he still has in our home. I remember thinking (often) that whoever dated and ended up with Josh would be a very lucky girl.

Not the picture I referred to, but still love this one of us at homecoming!100_0092

He was everything I wanted in a future husband, but just didn’t see him that way… yet. He was like the brother I never had. I loved hanging out with him, but no romantic feelings were there… at least not by me! Apparently he liked me most of that semester while I dated that not-good-for-me-guy. But he never let on.

We left for the summer and planned to hang out and see each other. My not-good-for-me-guy broke up with me right after we got left school for the summer. And without sounding too shady or like he was a rebound, I found myself liking Josh almost immediately after. But Josh had pretty much given up on me at this point since I stayed with not-good-for-me-guy all semester. In fact, Josh went on a few dates with another girl at the beginning of the summer. Had I missed out on my chance to be with him?

I’d say find out in my next post, but I think you know that I did end up dating him seeing as we are married! Spoiler alert- we did date! But more on how we got together in the next post!

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