Levi Turns Two

Really? TWO? How is my Littleman two already?? These past two years have been so amazing! I never knew motherhood could be so amazing! I love his birthdays more than any other day of the year now! And that says a lot when my birthday used to be my favorite day and then it turned into our anniversary. There’s just something fun about watching your kid enjoy a day dedicated to them!

His birthday was last Friday on the 25th, and I had a jam-packed day of fun for him in store! We first went to Krispy Kreme for breakfast, story time with Grandma Snazzy (a new Friday tradition), and then fun times at the mall! After a mid-day nap, we went to the Roswell Fire Station and got a tour, then went to dinner (Mexican- his favorite!), and then home for a birthday cupcake! He and I had the BEST time on Friday. I absolutely loved getting to celebrate with him and his little kid friends who joined us! Thanks Dawn/Sophia and Kira/Maddox for joining us at our fun day events!

Yesterday, we had his birthday at our house with family and Levi’s best friend, Nathan. We had such a great time both on Friday and yesterday! This Mama is sad his birthday celebrating is over, but we had such a great time! Scroll down below for more detail of each location we visited!

“Mama, I want the pirate donut. The one with tons of icing on the outside and inside…”2015-09-27_0001 2015-09-27_0002“Mmmmmm…. sooooo good!”BJL_0982 BJL_0991 We have gone to story time on Fridays at Kroger for the past month and Levi has really enjoyed every time we get to go. We sing songs, dance, and read stories; but before we start each week, we sing happy birthday to all kids who have their birthdays that week. Levi LOVED having everyone sing to him! He danced and clapped and cheered as everyone sang to him. It was so cute! Everyone kept telling me how cute and how fun it was to see him so excited!BJL_1021 After story time, we went with our friends Dawn and Sophia to the mall. They had a Lego exhibit with national monuments built from Legos around the mall; but they also had a play station for the kids to play with! Levi loves pushing cars and trains around, so the ramp for the Lego cars was perfect for him. He would let it go down the ramp, it would hit and crash, and he would say “uh oh!” So funny!2015-09-27_0003 North Point Mall has a carousel, so we tried it out for the first time. He was NOT excited about sitting on the horse at first and kept trying to get me to take him down and hold him; but once we got started, he LOVED it. He kept smiling and pointing as we moved around. I loved watching him enjoy the carousel!  BJL_1118 2015-09-27_0004 So Levi is obsessed with two things: Thomas the Train and firetrucks; so last week I called and set up a tour with the Roswell Fire Station to tour the station. He calls them “wah-wah’s”. (like the sound an ambulance makes- so fun!) We invited our friends Kira and Maddox to check out the fire station. Maddox is just as obsessed and in love with firetrucks as Levi, maybe even more- his birthday party was a firetruck theme! Maddox’s birthday is the day after Levi’s (in fact, they are only 5 hrs apart in age- I just had Levi late on the 25th and she had Maddox early morning on the 26th- we have the most RANDOM story on how we met and know each other), so it was a good birthday visit for both boys!IMG_8432“Guys, you realize I’m in a ‘wah-wah’?!?”IMG_8436After Mexican, we came home for a birthday cupcake. If you saw our smash cake/birthday cake attempt last year, you may remember Levi’s crying pictures of us trying to feed him the cake. If you didn’t, you need to check it out for sure! This year was much more successful! He loved the cupcake and loved having us sing happy birthday to him!MHM_2590 2015-09-27_0009 MHM_2608“Here Dada, you can have some of mine.”MHM_2637 Yesterday, we celebrated his birthday at the house with the family and Levi’s best friend, Nathan. I debated doing  Thomas themed party, because he is just obsessed with that show; but we did Thomas last year, and I wanted to do something a little different. Since he loves trains and cars and enjoys pointing at airplanes when he sees them, I figured a planes, trains, and automobiles party would be good. I made a cute invite for his party.Levi's 2nd Birthday!Publix does great birthday cakes! They had an emergency vehicle cake that I ordered and just added a few Hot Wheels to it. Didn’t have the trains on the cake, but that’s okay. BJL_3631 2015-09-27_0006 I used Levi’s toys for the firetruck and cars to decorate the mantel. BJL_3708 All of his presents. It looks like way more than it is mainly b/c of his toys he already had hanging out in the pic!BJL_3711 I made him planes, trains, and automobile cookies! I had so much fun doing it last year that I decided to do it again! I was so happy with how they turned out, especially since I decorated them two hours before the party!BJL_3637 Someone stole a cookie before it was dinner time. Let’s just say he liked it. 2015-09-27_0005 Get that icing off of that cookie, Levi!BJL_3657 Cheering and clapping all day long. Such a happy boy!BJL_3680 BJL_3681 “Yay!”BJL_3695He loved opening his presents. After two Christmases and a first birthday, this was the first time I feel like he really got into it and kind of understood what was happening. It was really fun seeing him enjoy his new toys!BJL_3753 2015-09-27_0007 BJL_3759We got him a play kitchen for his birthday. I think it was a hit!
BJL_3773 “Happy birthday to you… happy birthday to Levi…”BJL_3792 More clapping and cheering 🙂2015-09-27_0008 BJL_3875 He went back and forth pushing the toys around on the cake and eating the cake. I think he liked the toys on the cake more than the actual cake! He definitely ate more cake on his actual birthday than the party!BJL_3826 BJL_3853 Digging in with the fork since he’s a big boy and all.2015-09-27_0010 BJL_3860 BJL_3871 Grandma Gogo and Nana laughing at Levi push the cars rather than eat cake.BJL_3878 “Oh here we go. I’ll use one of the construction barrier pieces from the cake decorations and use it as a fork.”BJL_3892 BJL_3898 The aftermath… don’t worry, it’s all cleaned up and organized. His birthday was a good excuse to go through and store some old toys that were getting young for him and create space for the new toys!BJL_3908

Thanks to everyone who joined us and celebrated with us. Levi is loved and we are so thankful for everyone who came! Happy birthday my Littleman! I love you so much!

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