Blake and Derrick | Married Preview

As you may or may not know, I love posting a wedding on the blog the Tuesday after the wedding. I love sharing the wedding in it’s entirety with you, my readers, along with the family and guests of the wedding. Blake and Derrick’s wedding was this Sunday at the beautiful Hightower Falls out in Cedartown, GA. Currently, I am in Rome for a photography conference and absolutely loving it already! God is showing up in amazing ways and I cannot wait to blog and share my experience next week with you.

Because I am here, I haven’t had the time to commit to editing and blogging the entire wedding like I normally want to, so instead of sharing all of Blake and Derrick’s wedding with you, I wanted to give a small sampling at least. I’ll be blogging the entire wedding next week, so keep an eye out for it!

Have a wonderful week! I’ll be back next week once I’m home from the conference!

MMP_0097 MMP_0254 MMP_0202 MMP_0148 MMP_0111 MMP_1338MMP_0128 BJL_4303 BJL_4315 MMP_0335 BJL_4343 BJL_4421 BJL_4385 BJL_4369 BJL_4445 MMP_0472 BJL_4584 MMP_0496 MMP_0636 MMP_0753 MMP_0865 MMP_0931MMP_0951MMP_1411

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