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Hightower Falls | Cedartown, GA | October 4, 2015

We got to Hightower Falls and it was an icky, rainy day. I hoped the rain would go away, because I have been wanting to shoot at this venue for a very long time and hated that the day was going to keep us inside with the rain. I prayed that it would let up so that we could take pictures outside! The Lord provided and we had just an hour in the middle of the day when it wasn’t raining and guess when that happened to be? During their First Look! I couldn’t have been happier that it cleared up long enough for us to take their pictures outside for a while.

Blake and Derrick were super awesome all day and totally go with the flow. Blake went with us for pictures wherever we suggested, including sitting down beside the rocks. I actually went and purchased a shower curtain for her to stand on or use however during the day. I am so happy she was game for anything, because we got some awesome pictures! We had so much fun and she wasn’t going to let a little rain ruin her wedding day!

I just love everything about Blake and Derrick’s story! They met playing softball together and have continued to over the years. So much of their relationship revolves around softball, so I made sure to take a picture of their rings with a softball. One of her bridesmaids gave a toast and pretty much the entire story and all of the jokes had to do their their softball history together. It was so fun and unique to their story.

I am so blessed to have been a part of this special day for Blake and Derrick. I am so happy that she and I met at one of the bridal shows in January! I knew she was going to be a perfect MMP Bride! Thanks Blake and Derrick for trusting Ben and me to take your pictures. We had so much fun!

2015-10-13_0022 Love the softball! 🙂MMP_0249 2015-10-13_0004 MMP_0093 2015-10-13_0031 The bridesmaids had wheat bouquets, so I had to take advantage of this unique and cool bouquet!MMP_1338 2015-10-13_0024 MMP_0140 2015-10-13_0023 2015-10-13_0032 MMP_0188 MMP_0144 2015-10-13_0005 MMP_0193 2015-10-13_0025 MMP_0240 2015-10-13_0006 2015-10-13_0045 Getting the family handkerchief to use on the wedding dayBJL_4228 2015-10-13_0028 2015-10-13_0008 BJL_4282 MMP_0276 2015-10-13_0001 MMP_0269Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na, Batman! (And yes, I counted out the na na’s)BJL_4277 Dad’s deserve a First Look as well!MMP_0318 But more importantly is the groom’s First Look!2015-10-13_0026Oh how I just love the joy on their faces!BJL_4343 BJL_4344 BJL_43792015-10-13_0007 See why I wanted to take pictures outside?? Gorgeous!2015-10-13_0030 Long veil’s deserve to be played with!BJL_4421 BJL_4447 2015-10-13_0009 BJL_4499 2015-10-13_0033 MMP_0632 2015-10-13_0011 MMP_0506 Oh how I love this picture!MMP_04962015-10-13_0015 2015-10-13_0040BJL_4584 BJL_4586 2015-10-13_0019MMP_0340 2015-10-13_0014MMP_0502 MMP_0420 2015-10-13_0042 MMP_0424 2015-10-13_0041 MMP_0429 MMP_0462 MMP_0472 2015-10-13_0046 MMP_0511 MMP_0608 2015-10-13_0027 2015-10-13_0029 MMP_0629 2015-10-13_0034 MMP_0566 MMP_0550 2015-10-13_0044 2015-10-13_0012 2015-10-13_0013 BJL_4560 BJL_4534 BJL_4553 BJL_4528 2015-10-13_0010 2015-10-13_0039 MMP_0666 MMP_0686 BJL_5114 If it’s raining on your wedding day, you just have to have fun with it!BJL_5124 BJL_5140 BJL_5048 BJL_5062 MMP_0843 2015-10-13_0035 2015-10-13_0020 MMP_0870 2015-10-13_0043 2015-10-13_0036 MMP_0951 2015-10-13_0021 2015-10-13_0037 2015-10-13_0017 BJL_4611 2015-10-13_0016 2015-10-13_0038 2015-10-13_0018 BJL_5232 BJL_5250 MMP_1034 MMP_1074 Blake’s mom’s reaction to the preview slideshow was priceless. Exactly why I love doing them!MMP_1110 MMP_1142 MMP_1199 2015-10-13_0003[Capture this] 🙂 🙂 🙂
MMP_1228 BJL_5601 MMP_1246 2015-10-13_0002 Blake is a disk jockey on the weekends…MMP_1367 Love Blake’s reaction to Derrick getting the garter!BJL_5645“I’m next! I caught the bouquet!!”BJL_5627 MMP_1406As they were leaving, Blake looked at Derrick and said, “Birdseed was a bad idea!” I cannot imagine how much she was getting out of her hair later, because I kept finding them in mine as well as my pockets and shoes a whole day later!
MMP_1411 But at least it made for some really cool pictures!MMP_1413

Awesome Vendors:
Wedding Dress: Tiffany Paquette
Florist: Blake’s Amazing Grandmother
Ceremony and Reception: Hightower Falls
Hair and Make-Up: Tiffany Paquette
DJ: Brandon Winn
Caterer: 302 South Street
Bridesmaids Dresses: Bel Fiore Bridal
Groomsmen Tuxes: Savvi Formalwear

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18 thoughts on “Blake and Derrick | Cedartown Wedding Photographer

  1. Mandi,
    You both did an incredible job. Thank you so much for making a record of cherished memories for my granddaughter Blake!

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