Savannah and Eric | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

I very distinctly remember meeting Savannah and her mom at one of my bridal shows earlier in the year.  I had such a great time meeting with them and talking to them about her November wedding. I knew they were going to book me when they came by twice to talk to me and ask a few more questions about my services. And sure enough, Savannah emailed me later to book me for her and Eric’s wedding!

I had such a great time getting to know them during the wedding process. I learned that Eric works for the Braves; that they met at Mizzou (go Tigers! I mean, go Dawgs… hehe); that they love craft beer; and have the cutest dog, Chloe. We did their engagement session earlier this year at one of the most unique and fun locations I’ve ever done at the Wrecking Bar Brewpub. Their love of craft beer made their reception location at American Spirit Works a perfect location for their reception!

Their wedding was a Christ the King Catholic Church, and while I have heard all about this gorgeous cathedral, I have never had the pleasure of shooting there before. It was simply beautiful! Everything about the ceremony was gorgeous!

We had a couple of hours until the reception started after the ceremony, so Savannah and Eric rented a trolley to take us around town to a handful of locations for pictures. Normally, I love a First Look so that my couples can get as many pictures as possible for the day, but this worked out great as well, because we had almost three hours to travel around the city for couple and wedding party pictures! We had tons of fun on the trolley and going to the different locations around the city: Piedmont Park, Jackson Street Bridge, and Krog Street Tunnel.

Congrats to Savannah and Eric on your marriage! Ben and I had such a fun time with y’all and your amazing wedding party during the day!

2015-11-24_0038Special shoutout to Sam for having the invitation so I could use it for detail shots!MMP_9037 MMP_8984 2015-11-24_0039Love!MMP_9055 2015-11-24_0002MMP_8964MMP_92422015-11-24_0001 2015-11-24_0037_BJL9697 _BJL9639 _BJL97242015-11-24_0061 _BJL9634 Everyone should plays Heads Up on their wedding day. So much fun!MMP_8940 MMP_8938 2015-11-24_00602015-11-24_0063_BL882772015-11-24_0003MMP_91732015-11-24_0062MMP_9202High-five from the mother-in-law! LOVE this! 🙂_BJL9802Can all of my bride’s getting ready rooms be this awesome??2015-11-24_0040MMP_92312015-11-24_0041It takes a team to get the bride ready!MMP_92682015-11-24_0004_BJL9922MMP_93712015-11-24_0005_BJL99162015-11-24_0056Seriously one of the most fun group of groomsmen all year!MMP_93452015-11-24_00172015-11-24_0007MMP_95622015-11-24_0006Love this bridal party portrait! One of my fav’s of the year!MMP_9589Gorgeous! Love it!_BJL99062015-11-24_0055MMP_96462015-11-24_0054MMP_9643MMP_9561MMP_9486Ceremony time! (and why I love having two of us- Ben got Savannah coming down the aisle and I captured Eric seeing Savannah come down the aisle!)2015-11-24_0014So happy to be getting married!MMP_9751_BJL00142015-11-24_0013_BJL00762015-11-24_0042Married!2015-11-24_0016_BJL0128MMP_9870Making sure essentials (aka beer and snacks) are brought onto the trolley!_BJL02042015-11-24_0035“Look! I changed my last name to Durban! Facebook official!”_BJL0238Because everyone needs a giant bride wine glass to drink beer out of!_BJL0287First location: Piedmont Park!2015-11-24_0030So sweet! Love it!MMP_0168MMP_00822015-11-24_0059MMP_01302015-11-24_0045_BJL0329_BJ883962015-11-24_0029_BJ88389MMP_00992015-11-24_0052MMP_02642015-11-24_0064MMP_02022015-11-24_0028MMP_02422015-11-24_0046When sister and brother photo-bomb the picture. Thanks MOH and best man… haha!_BJL0367_BJL0368MMP_02962015-11-24_0027_BJL0377Selfie with sis!_BJL0340_BJL0381The brothers! I love how close these guys are!MMP_0349Best-friends since freshmen year of college. They have a shot like this as well, so had to keep the tradition!_BJL0385I suggested this location for their engagement session, and Savannah and Eric loved this location so much that they asked me if we could come here for the wedding as well. I loved the idea!MMP_03932015-11-24_0036_BJL04292015-11-24_0025_BJL04242015-11-24_0026_BJL04062015-11-24_0012After Jackson Street Bridge, we went over to Krog Street and took pictures at their graffiti wall that has been commissioned by the city of Atlanta. It was such a cool spot!_BJL0464MMP_04542015-11-24_0047MMP_04602015-11-24_0048_BJL0470Mizzou Tigers! How perfect?2015-11-24_0049Hanging out in the tunnel! (I was in the middle of the road between some pillars to get this pic!)MMP_0473MMP_0490_BJL0510_BL88475_BL884832015-11-24_0024_BL88479_BL88468MMP_05702015-11-24_00112015-11-24_00222015-11-24_0010Love this!MMP_0543MMP_05952015-11-24_00582015-11-24_0009_BJL06922015-11-24_0053Ally made Savannah laugh and cry during her speech! So touching!MMP_0737Chris made some awesome signs for Savannah and Eric to hold up! They got them “mixed up” (not really though) at first… ha!2015-11-24_00432015-11-24_00502015-11-24_0032MMP_08212015-11-24_0021_BJL0840Such a sweet First Dance!MMP_08352015-11-24_0008MMP_08632015-11-24_0034Sweet hug with Dad!_BJL0889Such a sweet mother-son dance!_BJL0899MMP_08762015-11-24_0020_BJL0897I loved their cute cake topper!2015-11-24_0023MMP_06642015-11-24_0057_BJL09992015-11-24_0031_BJL10442015-11-24_0018_BJL10482015-11-24_00442015-11-24_0033_BJL10742015-11-24_0019Sneak away for a sweet picture in front of the distillery! Congrats you two!MMP_0620

Awesome Vendors:

Wedding Dress: Anya Bridal Warehouse
Wedding Venue: Christ the King Catholic Church
Reception: American Spirit Works
Florist: Acorn Home and Garden
Hair and Makeup: L.E. Hair and Makeup Artistry
Cake: Gabriel’s Desserts
Caterer: Glorious Events
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groom and Groomsmen Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse

Check out Savannah and Eric’s engagement session here!

To see more of our 2015 weddings, check them out here!

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