David and Marilyn | Dallas GA Wedding Photographer


 A Private Family Wedding | Dallas, GA | January 9, 2016 

Josh and I went to college with David when we were at Berry. David moved to North Carolina shortly after to start his masters and doctorate to become a professor in mathematics. While living there, he met the love of his life, Marilyn. I remember seeing on Facebook when he started dating Marilyn and could see how happy the two of them were together. Their sweet proposal was at Duke Gardens, and I loved getting to see pictures of David play his guitar and sing to Marilyn as they got engaged in October of 2014. They planned their wedding for May of this year… but that didn’t happen. 🙂

I got an email from David shortly before Christmas asking me if I was available at the beginning of January for his wedding to Marilyn. Their original plans had been to get married in May up in North Carolina where they met and dated and where Marilyn is from; but they decided they didn’t want to wait any longer to be married! After dating for four years, they didn’t want a long distance relationship while planning a wedding. David lives in Rome (GA) and Marilyn would have been at home planning the wedding away from David, so they set in plan the motion to get married and not wait until May! I was so excited that I was available!

David and Marilyn got married out in Dallas at the Seven Hills Neighborhood Clubhouse. It was such a cute and intimate location for a very personal and private ceremony. They had a very sweet ceremony with family and a few friends. Congrats to David and Marilyn! Thanks for letting me be a part of your special day.

2016-01-11_0010 MMP_3931 I love this ring shot! So beautiful!MMP_4650 2016-01-11_0015 MMP_4652 2016-01-11_0011 MMP_3997 Sweet moment with grandmother while Marilyn gets dressed MMP_4009 MMP_4004 2016-01-11_0017 MMP_3804 MMP_3820 2016-01-11_0001 MMP_3818 2016-01-11_0002 2016-01-11_0009 MMP_4085 2016-01-11_0003 Love the emotion on David’s face is absolutely perfect. I love it!MMP_4097MMP_4114 - Version 2 MMP_4166 MMP_4153 MMP_4156“You may kiss the bride!”MMP_4194 2016-01-11_0005 2016-01-11_0006 MMP_4429 MMP_4460 MMP_4432 2016-01-11_0007 Oh what a sweet momentMMP_4410 MMP_4468 2016-01-11_0016 MMP_4413 - Version 2 MMP_4489 2016-01-11_0014 MMP_4513 MMP_4521 MMP_4529 - Version 2 MMP_4538 - Version 2 MMP_4549 2016-01-11_0013 MMP_4597 So precious! I just love how David takes her chin as he kisses her.MMP_4613 - Version 2 MMP_4704 MMP_4712 MMP_4739 MMP_4765 MMP_4761 2016-01-11_0012 Love it! Congrats to David and Marilyn!!MMP_4753

6 thoughts on “David and Marilyn | Dallas GA Wedding Photographer

  1. beautiful wedding photos, you did an amazing job capturing the details and emotion of the day. love the clubhouse in Dallas that they used for the wedding…gorgeous!

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