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2015 Wedding Favorites

I simply love my couples. They rock and trust me to capture the most important day of their lives. They invite me in to get to know them and follow them on this fun and amazing journey that is planning a wedding and walking into a lifelong commitment with the love of their life. I feel so humbled that I get to do this job. I love everything about getting to capture their pictures for the most special day of their lives. I cherish every single one of my MMP Brides! These girls rock my world!

2015 was the most amazing year yet for my business. With the changes I made, I grew so much as a business as well as a photographer. I shot the most weddings I’ve ever shot in one year and booked ten weddings for 2016 all last year. I shot at ALL new venues last year- every, single, one of them. I got to shoot at a vineyard and at one venue I had been dying to try out for years.

I cannot wait to see where this next year takes me. I have a feeling that 2016 is going to top 2015!

MMP_0472 View More: http://mandimitchellphoto.pass.us/laura-and-mark-weddingView More: http://mandimitchellphoto.pass.us/laura-and-mark-weddingView More: http://mandimitchellphoto.pass.us/laura-and-mark-wedding2015-11-24_0064 BJL_2481 MMP_3688 BJL_7683 2015-11-24_0023 MMP_4129 _BJL0406 _BJL0999 View More: http://mandimitchellphoto.pass.us/laura-and-mark-weddingMMP_3885 Emory Conference Center Wedding BJL_7599 BJL_6748 2015-10-26_0022 BJL_4299 Old Decatur Courthouse Reception MMP_1338 MMP_0496 _BJL9906 2015-09-14_0030 Mandi Mitchell Photography, Old Decatur Courthouse, Reception Dancing 2015-09-22_0019 BJL_2063 BJL_4584Emory Conference Center Wedding Old Decatur Courthouse Wedding Ceremony DSC_1354 DSC_0180 BJL_2690 BJL_5124 Mandi Mitchell Photography, Old Decatur Courthouse Wedding MMP_4635 2015-06-09_0032 BJL_4379BJL_2471 BJL_2258 2015-09-28_0059 BJL_9660 2015-09-28_0017 BJL_9327 BJL_1952 MMP_4975 MMP_0240 BJL_0888 BJL_0706 Mandi Mitchell Photography, Old Decatur Courthouse, Wedding Couple 2015-09-22_0001 BJL_4421 2015-09-22_0027 BJL_9501 BJL_9345 BJL_8620 BJL_6104 BJL_9638 MMP_4603 BJL_8322 2015-09-28_0041 BJL_6604 2015-10-13_0019 BJL_6428 BJL_5438 MMP_1411 BJL_6267 BJL_7796 MMP_9268 BJL_5251 2015-11-24_0038 BJL_9636 2015-08-16_0017 Emory Conference Center Wedding 2015-09-14_0011 Emory Conference Center Wedding BJL_0197 2015-10-26_0024 BJL_1537 BJL_9655 Emory Conference Center Wedding Mandi Mitchell Photography, Old Decatur Courthouse, Bride and Groom BJL_8254 BJL_4094 2015-09-15_0007 Emory Conference Center Wedding 2015-08-16_0018 DSC_0458 Old Decatur Courthouse Bride BJL_2057 Old Decatur Courthouse Wedding

6 thoughts on “2015 Favorites | Weddings | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

  1. wonderful wedding photos, you did a great job capturing the days. Looks like you’ve gotten to photograph some beautiful couples in some amazing looking locations in Atlanta!

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