Victoria and Chase Engaged | Roswell Engagement Photographer

Victoria and Chase-27
Leita Thompson Park Engagement Session | Roswell, GA

Ben and I met Victoria at the Georgia Bridal Show in Athens last Sunday. Yep! You heard that right! I met Victoria just over a week ago! I met her on Sunday, she booked me for her wedding on Wednesday, and scheduled engagement pictures for Sunday! Talk about a quick turnaround! That’s my excuse in the fact that I kept calling her Caroline at the engagement session! UGH! I have NEVER done that before, but I kept calling her the wrong name! Not just once or twice, but at least a good half dozen times I called her Caroline!! I’m not sure if she just looks like a Caroline to me or what, but I just felt terrible. Luckily she was forgiving and we now have a funny inside joke to laugh about!!

I often say that my couples are one of two kinds of couples when it comes to taking pictures together. They are either fun and silly together, in which I get a lot of natural laughter and smiles; or they are cute and cuddly. They snuggle and kiss and cuddle during the session. I get tons of pictures with forehead snuggles, almost kisses, kisses, and just sweet moments of the two of them. You’ll see Victoria and Chase’s pictures and see exactly what kind of couple they are! I LOVED everything about their session and how sweet they were together!

I have been wanting to take pictures at Leita Thompson Park for a long time. I did pictures for Carly and George there last summer at a part of the park, but there are some awesome trails to walk with trees and streams that I thought would be awesome for pictures. Victoria described to me that they were hoping for a field and somewhere with streams and trees and I KNEW that Leita Thompson Park would be perfect!

Chase and Victoria have an amazing love story. I teared up as I heard their story and Chase’s commitment to Victoria and his overwhelming love for her. Chase already knows the meaning of “through sickness and in health” as he has stood by Victoria’s side as she journeys through cancer. Diagnosed a few years ago with a football sized kidney tumor that was originally thought to be benign, her cancer is currently in her bones. Chase has been with Victoria during the whole process, there for her during her initial surgery, sleeping on the floor of the hospital during treatments that made her swell 60 lb of water weight, missing classes with her to drive her from Americus to Atlanta for treatment, holding her hand after surgery to put a rod in her leg to support her bones, and so much more than I even know of. These two have been through more together, more than most couples in their lifetimes never go through together.

I can see a love beyond anything I have captured on camera before. These two have a bond that none of my couples have experienced before- walking through something like this will do that. Victoria told me her faith in the Lord, support from her parents, and her love from Chase has been what has gotten her through this time of her life. She cannot wait to become Chase’s wife this August! I am blessed to be a small part of this special day for such an amazing couple. I already love them so much!

2016-02-02_0009 Victoria and Chase-3 Victoria and Chase-14 Victoria and Chase-6 2016-02-02_0008 Sweet cuddles and snuggles. Love it!Victoria and Chase-13 Victoria and Chase-7 Victoria and Chase 2016-02-02_0001 Victoria and Chase-2 2016-02-02_0002 Sneaky, sneaky through the trees! I love how magical these pictures look!Victoria and Chase-25 Victoria and Chase-18 Victoria and Chase-22 Victoria and Chase-27 Victoria and Chase-19 Victoria and Chase-24 Victoria and Chase-23Victoria and Chase-26 Victoria and Chase-28 Victoria and Chase-31 Victoria and Chase-33 2016-02-02_0007 Oh I love the forehead kisses!Victoria and Chase-32 Victoria and Chase-34 Victoria and Chase-30 Victoria told me that they liked to go sit in a field in Americus where they went to school, so they wanted to find a field for their engagement pictures as well. I loved getting to “recreate” this memory for them!Victoria and Chase-36 Oh I love it!!!Victoria and Chase-39 Victoria and Chase-40 Victoria and Chase-35 Victoria and Chase-38 2016-02-02_0005 Victoria and Chase-41 Victoria and Chase-53 Victoria and Chase-57 Victoria and Chase-49 Victoria and Chase-47 Oh I just LOVE this one! I love tall grass!Victoria and Chase-60 2016-02-02_0006 Victoria and Chase-62 Victoria and Chase-61 Victoria and Chase-51 2016-02-02_0004 Victoria and Chase-54 Victoria and Chase-45 This setting was her grandmother’s ring! I love the family heirloom!2016-02-02_0003 Victoria and Chase-59 Victoria and Chase-52 Victoria and Chase-50 Victoria and Chase-46

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