Runners World | Whole 30 Update

Last November, I decided I was tired of weighing what I did. I decided to “eat better” around the holiday season, but didn’t set up a concrete plan. I just told myself, I wouldn’t eat as much bad stuff over the holidays; and for the most part, I did pretty decent. I still had my sweets and didn’t really cut out anything, but I watched in moderation what I was eating.

Mid-December, I weighed myself on a “doctor’s scale” at a gym to get an accurate portrayal of how much I weighed: 177 lb. Most people didn’t/don’t believe me when I say I was that much. Being 5’9″, I will be slightly heavier, but even at that height, I shouldn’t be that much. Ideally, with my body type and bone structure, I should be around 157-162.

I’ve never been one to be tall and thin. I’ve never been a size 2 or even a size 6, even as a kid. I went from kids size 14-16 to juniors size 9’s like overnight. I never grew up in sizes, and that never bothered me that I was always a size 9-11 in juniors clothes growing up. As an adult, I have fluctuated back and forth from size 8-12, mostly resting at size 10; but sometimes, those 10’s have gotten a little snug when I have gained my weight. That’s where I was in December, weighing 177, with tight size 10’s, and a stomach that made me look 12-15 weeks pregnant.

I have always carried my extra weight in my tummy. Never in my butt or thighs or anywhere else; just my stomach, so because of that, I often have a stomach that looks like I might possibly be early pregnant. A lot of my friends would disagree that I looked early pregnant, but I cover it well with the type of clothes I wear. 🙂

All of that to be said, I decided that I needed to really do something about it and not just “eat somewhat better”. I knew that if that was my gameplan, I wouldn’t succeed in losing any weight (or very little) and would still be where I was a month later. So I decided to try out Whole 30. I attempted it last summer, but only lasted less than a week before I gave it up. This time, I was serious about losing the weight and sticking to it. Rather than try and explain it all on the blog, I linked the website that explains it all; but basically, I cut out carbs, sugars, dairy, and breads from my diet.

I’ll say that I wasn’t 100% in sticking to Whole 30, so I’m sure I could have lost more weight, but I was very happy with the outcome. Along with the healthy diet, I started running and adding more miles in my running as well as doing other workout routines. Here are some of the results I noticed after doing Whole 30 and working out more.

  • less stomach problems: I have been diagnosed with some stomach issues and I truly think cutting out the gluten and/or dairy in my diet really made a difference in how I felt last month. This was the biggest thing for me!
  • slept better: I am one that wakes up constantly in the middle of the night- at least 3-4 times a night on average. I slept better last month for sure.
  • clean face: As an adult, I still have acne and hate it! Last month when eating better, I noticed a big difference in my face. That was awesome!
  • eating less throughout the day and at meals: I have started to eat less and get full faster. So much healthier than eating until I was so full I would pop!
  • my face is visibly thinner
  • my clothes fit better: My belt I wear with my jeans had to be brought in a notch!
  • new meals that I would never have made before Whole 30
  • don’t crave sweets as much: I used to always want/need something sweet each day. Not so much anymore! I can go days without a bite of anything sweet.
  • desire to workout more and run more: With eating better, I feel less sluggish and want to actually workout more.
  • weight loss: 12 lb! I’m down to 165 lb right now! I still have about 5-7 more pounds I would like to lose in the next month or two.

I’m putting myself out there and sharing before and after pictures. Please ignore the disgusting mess in the background of both of my pictures. You can see how often I clean the bathroom…


If you’re not quite where you want to be with your fitness and health, what’s stopping you from making a change? I encourage you to evaluate where you are and what’s stopping you from making lifestyle changes that can really impact your health and happiness.

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