Saying Goodbye to Downton Abbey


Sunday was a sad day for me. Like sadder than I like to admit. Only one other show ending have been as hard on me as Downton has been and that was Parenthood last year. I can’t claim to have followed Downton since the beginning, being a loyal follower since day one, but thanks to one of my brides last fall, I quickly became sucked into the amazing world of 20th century England.

Betsy has the most amazing collection of DVD’s I’ve ever seen; and when I went to their apartment last summer to meet for their engagement pictures, I marveled over all of the seasons of shows she had on her shelves. I saw Downton on there and had always been interested in watching it. In fact, I even recorded season 3 on my DVR a few years ago to watch it in hopes of finding seasons 1 and 2 to watch and then follow along with everyone. I got busy with work, never took the time to find seasons 1 and 2, and eventually deleted season 3 from my DVR.


I remember before watching the show how Facebook blew up and just about exploded when they killed off a very beloved character at the end of season 3. You know who I’m talking about. In fact, I’m surprised I never I never knew who it was. By the time it happened, however, I did know who it was going to be based on how much I remember everyone’s reactions to this death. I am surprised to say I didn’t even cry when it happened, mainly because I had an idea it was coming. I cried more at Cybil’s death earlier in season 3 that I had NO idea was coming (Facebook didn’t blow up on her death like they did with Matthew’s).

I fell in love with dear Cybil and kind-hearted Cora. I loathed Thomas and his conniving ways. I fell in love with the love story of Anna and Bates and wondered often if they would ever be left alone to be truly happy! I felt so bad for Edith and yelled once at the TV “can’t you just let her be happy?!!?” I loved watching Daisy grow over the years and see her change as she matured and learned. I always felt so bad for Molesley, getting fired and getting demoted only because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time; but eventually became a school teacher. I wanted to punch Robert in the face when he cheated on Cora. I laughed at how candid and blunt the Dowager Countess could be- she was probably one of my favorite characters of the show- probably because she reminds me of myself in a lot of ways. I cheered when Carson finally proposed to Mrs. Hughes in what is known as the longest love affair of all time.I was so excited when they brought Tom and Ciby back for the rest of the last season. I smiled as Isobel finally got her happily-ever-after. I was happy that it looked like Mrs. Patmore might find love. I hated and loved Mary throughout the entire season- for her sometimes kind heart, but mostly for her aloof attitude, better-than-thou attitude, and coldness towards Edith and others. In the end, I was happy for her, but not entirely sure she deserved her happiness. And as sad as I was for Carson in the end, I actually found myself happy for Thomas. (Good job to the writers for making me like a much-hated character in the end.)


I wish it hadn’t ended, but I was happy how everyone’s stories got some kind of resolution in the end. Oh how I am going to miss the Crawley’s and their home. I loved everything about this show and everything about this family that grew in my heart over the past 6 months. I can’t say 6 years, because I didn’t follow it for all that long; but even though I didn’t start from the beginning, I finished strong and consider myself a pretty big Downton fan. I am ready to go back and re-watch it already. I’ll have to get Joshua to join in with me this time around!


7 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Downton Abbey

  1. Wow!! I am a bog fan of the Abbey myself! I did not see the last serie, yet! ! I totally agree with all your words!! I am so glad to see photographers have life and they can actually writte their opinion on their blog! Amazing job Mandi!!!

  2. Wow!! I am a big fan of Downtown Abbe,y myself! I did not see the last serie, yet! ! I totally agree with all your words!! I am so glad to see photographers have life and they can actually enjoy writting their opinion on their blog! Amazing job Mandi!!!

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