Kim and Josh | Atlanta Engagement Photographer

Grant Park Engagement Pictures-19

Grant Park | Jackson Street Bridge | Krog Street | Atlanta, GA

Kim and Josh are simply the cutest! I had such a great time with them this weekend at their engagement session. It has me so ready for their June wedding at Foxhall already! We met early on Saturday morning with plans to do a sunrise session starting at 7:45am, but once we got started, it became very apparent that it was going to be overcast and we didn’t need to worry about the sun. In fact, it started drizzling pretty soon into the shoot. We had probably about 30 minutes of pictures before the drizzle started; BUT it never rained hard and we were able to keep shooting and taking pictures the entire morning until we were finished. It definitely changed the look of some of the pictures, like at Jackson Street Bridge, but I love the haze in the pictures with the city in the background.

So here’s a funny story… I was driving to go meet Kim and Josh at their home so we could ride together to Grant Park when I ran over something. I noticed it and pulled over, but didn’t see anything under my car or see anything wrong with my tires, so I kept driving to them and they rode with me down to Grant Park. Well, by the time we finished pictures at the park, we noticed that my back left tire was completely flat. Like can’t-drive-on-that-you-ran-over-a-nail-flat. Between Josh and my knowledge about changing tires, we were able to get it changed pretty quickly and without much fuss. But that’s definitely a first for me- changing a tire with a client at a session! And PSA- if you don’t know how to change a tire, go learn. It’s super easy and if you’re ever in a situation like I was, knowing how to change a tire can make a huge difference in how bad or good your day goes! It was a slight hiccup in the morning, but nothing that 20 minutes and a few knowledgable people couldn’t take care of.ย So extra thanks to Josh (not my Josh- the groom… hehe) for your help in changing the tire!

I seriously had the best time hanging out and getting to know the two of them. After breakfast, we went to Egg Harbor Cafe and mmmmm it was delicious! Love me some good breakfast! I cannot wait until their wedding this June! We are going to have a blast!

Grant Park Engagement Pictures Can we pause for a second and talk about her gorgeous ring??2016-03-28_0001 Grant Park Engagement Pictures-10 I just loved the flowers everywhere. Spring is in the air!2016-03-28_0002 LOVE LOVE LOVEGrant Park Engagement Pictures-12 2016-03-28_0010 Grant Park Engagement Pictures-4 Grant Park Engagement Pictures-2 2016-03-28_0004 2016-03-28_0003 Grant Park Engagement Pictures-34 I got so excited when I saw the weeping willow!2016-03-28_0007 Grant Park Engagement Pictures-13 2016-03-28_0011 2016-03-28_0012 Grant Park Engagement Pictures-38 2016-03-28_0009 Grant Park Engagement Pictures-15 Grant Park Engagement Pictures-27 Grant Park Engagement Pictures-18 2016-03-28_0005Grant Park Engagement Pictures-28 Grant Park Engagement Pictures-20 Love the haze of the city in the background… sooo dreamy2016-03-28_0006Grant Park Engagement Pictures-22 2016-03-28_0014Grant Park Engagement Pictures-23 A house divided… but they can still love each other (go Falcons, right Josh?)Grant Park Engagement Pictures-29 Grant Park Engagement Pictures-45 Grant Park Engagement Pictures-46We stopped at this really cool spot near Krog Street tunnel with some bright colored graffiti. I love the city commissioned graffiti they have in this area.Grant Park Engagement Pictures-47 2016-03-28_0008 Grant Park Engagement Pictures-48

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And just for fun, here are some pictures of Josh and me at work on the car on Saturday!2016-03-29_0001

12 thoughts on “Kim and Josh | Atlanta Engagement Photographer

  1. Beautiful session — I love all of the changes of scenery and your lovely ring shots! And LOVE the story about the flat tire — I don’t know how to change one either! It seems like you have really sweet clients tho ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Beautiful engagement shoot and what an interesting day having to change the flat tire! I like the outfits kept changing.

  3. what an adorable couple! Great engagement photos, i’m jealous of your Spring blossoms…we still have at least a month around her before anything blossoms

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