Laura and Eric Married | Woodstock Wedding Photographer

Rocky’s Lake Estate | Woodstock, GA | April 2, 2016

Laura and Eric got married this past weekend at the beautiful Rocky’s Lake Estate out in Woodstock. I met the venue three years ago when they were getting started and loved the place, but haven’t had a chance to make it out there until this weekend. I loved the venue and how beautiful it was. I can definitely see why Laura and Eric decided to get married there.

These two have had a whirlwind of a romance. From meeting each other for the first time in August on a blind date thanks to the world of online dating to getting engaged in October to getting married this past weekend, these two have fallen in love and fallen hard for each other. I loved getting to know them in this process and see the love not only for each other, but their love for Christ and having him in the center of their marriage.

Laura and Eric are on of the sweetest couples I have ever had the opportunity to work with. They have the kindest hearts and both of them constantly have a smile of their faces. I was so blessed to have been a part of their wedding day and thank them so much for allowing Ben and me to join them. I loved their families and had such a great time getting to spend the day with them. At the end of the day, both Laura’s parents hugged Ben and me and thanked us beyond measure for everything we did the day of the wedding. I felt so loved and appreciated by them all! Thanks so much for loving on us! We had a great day with y’all!
2016-04-04_0002 Laura and Eric Wedding-54 Natalie and Brian Wedding-82 Natalie and Brian Wedding-25 Natalie and Brian Wedding-21 Natalie and Brian Wedding-81 Laura and Eric Wedding-55 2016-04-04_0018 Laura and Eric Wedding-53 2016-04-04_00062016-04-04_0009 Natalie and Brian Wedding-26 2016-04-04_0019 Natalie and Brian Wedding Natalie and Brian Wedding-2 2016-04-04_0025 2016-04-04_0010 Laura and Eric Wedding-3 Natalie and Brian Wedding-37 Laura and Eric Wedding-52 2016-04-04_0001Natalie and Brian Wedding-3 Natalie and Brian Wedding-28 Natalie and Brian Wedding-4 2016-04-04_0008Natalie and Brian Wedding-27 Natalie and Brian Wedding-7 Natalie and Brian Wedding-15 2016-04-04_0031 Natalie and Brian Wedding-9 Love the groomsmen’s socks!Natalie and Brian Wedding-11 2016-04-04_0030 Natalie and Brian Wedding-40 Natalie and Brian Wedding-8 2016-04-04_0007 2016-04-04_0029 Natalie and Brian Wedding-51 Natalie and Brian Wedding-52 Sweet moment seeing his bride!Natalie and Brian Wedding-54 Natalie and Brian Wedding-55 2016-04-04_0023 Natalie and Brian Wedding-56 2016-04-04_0027 Laura and Eric Wedding-41 And all couples do a fist bump after their first kiss, right?? 🙂2016-04-04_0015 Laura and Eric Wedding-44 Natalie and Brian Wedding-14 Natalie and Brian Wedding-58 Natalie and Brian Wedding-13 Laura and Eric Wedding-8 Laura and Eric Wedding-45 So sweet! Love it!Natalie and Brian Wedding-59 Laura and Eric Wedding-9 2016-04-04_0024 Natalie and Brian Wedding-60 Such a pretty venue!Laura and Eric Wedding-10 Laura and Eric Wedding-50 Natalie and Brian Wedding-17 Natalie and Brian Wedding-61 Natalie and Brian Wedding-62 Natalie and Brian Wedding-71 2016-04-04_0012 Natalie and Brian Wedding-18 Natalie and Brian Wedding-63 Natalie and Brian Wedding-65 2016-04-04_0016 Love it!!Natalie and Brian Wedding-67 2016-04-04_0013 Laura and Eric Wedding-46 Natalie and Brian Wedding-69 Natalie and Brian Wedding-70 2016-04-04_0028 Natalie and Brian Wedding-75 Laura and Eric Wedding-47 Natalie and Brian Wedding-16 2016-04-04_0017 Natalie and Brian Wedding-76 Such a tender moment to get a picture of Eric and his mom with a picture of his Dad who passed away a few years ago. It was an emotional moment, but a sweet one that we were so blessed to capture for them. Laura and Eric Wedding-58 Natalie and Brian Wedding-24 Laura and Eric Wedding-35 2016-04-04_0014 Laura’s sister made both of the cakes! Sooo awesome!Natalie and Brian Wedding-43 Natalie and Brian Wedding-47 Family members who couldn’t join, but were there is spirit!Natalie and Brian Wedding-46 2016-04-04_0021 Natalie and Brian Wedding-79 Laura and Eric Wedding-26 2016-04-04_0026 2016-04-04_0020 Natalie and Brian Wedding-80 2016-04-04_0011 Natalie and Brian Wedding-83 Natalie and Brian Wedding-23 First dance love!Natalie and Brian Wedding-84 Laura and Eric Wedding-57 Natalie and Brian Wedding-22 We snuck outside after dinner for a shot with the twinkle lights 🙂Laura and Eric Wedding-13 Laura and Eric Wedding-12 Nice and sweet, feeding each other cake…Laura and Eric Wedding-59 …and then attacking each other!2016-04-04_0005 She got him good!Laura and Eric Wedding-64 Laura and Eric Wedding-14 2016-04-04_0004 Watch me whip, watch me nay nay!Laura and Eric Wedding-69 Laura and Eric Wedding-65 2016-04-04_0003 Love this sweet moment with Laura’s mom and dad!Laura and Eric Wedding-18 Laura and Eric Wedding-20 She and her boyfriend got their bouquet and garter! 🙂Laura and Eric Wedding-28 2016-04-04_0022 Laura and Eric Wedding-17 Laura and Eric Wedding-34

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