Elizabeth and Dalton | Atlanta Wedding Photographer


Walnut Hill Farms | Jefferson, GA | May 21, 2016

Elizabeth and Dalton are simply the best! I cannot tell you how much fun I had at their sweet wedding this past weekend. Ben is Dalton’s cousin, so it was a perfect fit for us to shoot their wedding! I was so excited when Ben told me about the wedding last fall and when they booked us! I had such a great time getting to know them at their engagement session last fall at the Sope Creek Mill Ruins (one of my favorite spots!)

So funny story from the day: Ben and I were taking getting ready pictures when a group of girls showed up. The coordinator asked them who they were looking for, and they said the bride. She asked who they were, and they told her “we’re the photographers for today’s wedding.” The coordinator looks at me and says, “No, this is our photographer. Are you at the right location?” They look at the address and tell us this is where the bride sent them, but felt like it wasn’t the right place when they pulled up. So… there’s another venue with almost the same name in Dalton, GA (nearly 2.5 hrs from where we were) called Walnut Hill Farm (without the “S”). I worried so much that they went to the wrong venue and were going to be soooo late to the wedding they were shooting. BUT come to find out, one of my photographer friends posted a picture on Instagram on Sunday and SHE was at the other Walnut Hill Farm venue that day, so that at least told me those poor photographers didn’t have to drive all the way to Dalton. I just hope that their venue wasn’t too far from where we were!

Their wedding day was filled with tons of laughter, smiles, and love. Despite the rains early on in the day, it didn’t stress anyone out, and we prayed for the rain to scat and give us a sunny day; and the Lord answered those prayers! I didn’t even have to use my umbrella’s I brought just in case! The day couldn’t have turned out more beautiful- in fact, the sun came out and dried up all of the rain, so it wasn’t even gross outside when we took pictures!

Their love for each other was present throughout the day, but even more so was their love for the Lord. They reflect Christ in their lives. They are even moving to Zambia next year to be missionaries. Their love for Jesus shone in every moment of their day; so much so that their first act during their ceremony was to wash each other’s feet- the ultimate act of humility the same that Jesus did the night He was handed over to be crucified. It was such a sweet moment to watch and capture. They had their parents come and pray for them during the ceremony which was also amazing. Their smiles and laughter were not just from their love for each other, but also their love for Jesus.

This wedding was wonderful all around and we had such a fun time. Congratulations to Eli and Dalton! I’m so happy for the two of you!

MMP MMP-16 Elizabeth attached a picture of her parents on their wedding day to the back of her bouquet!2016-05-23_0004

Funny story: I took the whole set of pictures of Elizabeth’s dress and afterwards her mom asked me if I had taken off the Saran Wrap off of the dress… say what?? Her seamstress had sewn a band of Saran Wrap around the belt of the dress to prevent it from snagging (which is such a great idea!) but I didn’t even notice it! I ended up taking the thread and wrap off of the dress and put the dress back in the same spots and re-took the pictures! 
MMP-262016-05-23_0005 Atlanta Wedding Photographer MMP-10 Can we talk about how fun Elizabeth’s shoes are?? She wrote on them all of their little things between the two of them. 2016-05-23_0003Zambia and their rings together! I love it!!!MMP-47 MMP-122016-05-23_0039 Elizabeth’s grandmother’s necklace! I love that she wore it on her wedding day!MMP-22 MMP-24 2016-05-23_0042 MMP-29 2016-05-23_0006 MMP-7 2016-05-23_0030 MMP-56 2016-05-23_0007 2016-05-23_00322016-05-23_0019I love their hearts and love these favors for their guests. A little touch of Zambia!2016-05-23_00082016-05-23_0043 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-27 2016-05-23_0062 2016-05-23_0051 2016-05-23_0052 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-42 Remember playing telephone as a kid? Well you can also play it on your wedding day!2016-05-23_0022 MMP-37 2016-05-23_0028 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-51 2016-05-23_0050 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-60 MMP-50 2016-05-23_0038 Reading the sweet note from Dalton 2016-05-23_0057 Such an amazing wedding gift!!2016-05-23_0009 Even Dad deserves a First Look!2016-05-23_0044 Three generations of rings!Atlanta Wedding Photographer-29 Grandma putting the necklace on!Atlanta Wedding Photographer-99 2016-05-23_0024 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-85 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-84 Dalton’s turn to read Elizabeth’s noteAtlanta Wedding Photographer-54 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-55 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-86 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-87 2016-05-23_0011 MMP-61 2016-05-23_0058 Fun and silly pictures with the bridesmaids! Loved them! So much fun!2016-05-23_0002 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-78 2016-05-23_0045 MMP-62 2016-05-23_0046 Matron and maid of honors 🙂Atlanta Wedding Photographer-81 MMP-64 MMP-75 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-2 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-67 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-4 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-72Handsome Dalton!
Atlanta Wedding Photographer-94 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-6 2016-05-23_0060 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-9 Colored and fun socks!Atlanta Wedding Photographer-11 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-90 Elizabeth and Dalton opted to not do a First Look, but still wanted to pray together before the ceremony. It was such a sweet moment to capture on camera for them.Atlanta Wedding Photographer-17 2016-05-23_0034 Dalton praying with his guysAtlanta Wedding Photographer-112 And Elizabeth praying with her girlsAtlanta Wedding Photographer-18 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-100 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-103 2016-05-23_0037 The very beautiful feet washing I mentioned. I love it!2016-05-23_0036 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-22 2016-05-23_0035 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-125 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-126 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-129 Married!2016-05-23_0063 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-33 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-35 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-136 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-40Atlanta Wedding Photographer-32 2016-05-23_0056 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-41 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-34 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-133 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-134 We snuck out during dinner for a little bit to get some pictures of the two of themAtlanta Wedding Photographer-143 2016-05-23_0054 2016-05-23_0048 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-70 2016-05-23_0055 Oh I just love this! So precious!Atlanta Wedding Photographer-138 2016-05-23_0049 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-141 2016-05-23_0023 Another favorite of the dayAtlanta Wedding Photographer-140 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-682016-05-23_0059 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-142 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-58 2016-05-23_0053 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-148 Ben told me he was channeling his “inner Mandi” when he took this one. I saw it and immediately thought it looked like one I would have taken! This is my favorite picture of the two of them of the day! Great shot, Ben!Atlanta Wedding Photographer-1462016-05-23_0010 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-64 2016-05-23_0027Atlanta Wedding Photographer-149 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-145 2016-05-23_0061 2016-05-23_0029 The middle tear of their cake was a globe! How cool is that??Atlanta Wedding Photographer-19 2016-05-23_0040 2016-05-23_0021 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-43 2016-05-23_0020 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-21 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-16 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-15 2016-05-23_0041 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-117 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-462016-05-23_0013 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-159 2016-05-23_0031 2016-05-23_0012 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-161 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-912016-05-23_0014 Sweet moment to the side to pray with GranddadAtlanta Wedding Photographer-169Atlanta Wedding Photographer-152 2016-05-23_0026 Beautiful painting done by Elizabeth’s cousin, Grace. This was from their proposal. So cool!Atlanta Wedding Photographer-155 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-156 Sweetest brother-sister speech I’ve ever seen. Andrew was so precious and heartfelt! Atlanta Wedding Photographer-157 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-166 Ben took a few moments to dance and enjoy the reception, so I made sure to snag a few pictures of him!Atlanta Wedding Photographer-167 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-173 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-108These wedding guests were the best! Tons of dancing and laughter!
2016-05-23_0033 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-174 Because every groom plays Spike Ball at their wedding, right? So fun!!!!Atlanta Wedding Photographer-175 2016-05-23_0025 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-97 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-113 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-179 2016-05-23_0018 Anyone see the groomsman behind Eli and Dalton? His girlfriend caught the bouquet- apparently he was ready to catch to garter!Atlanta Wedding Photographer-102 Epic attempt to catch the football with garter on it- the other groomsmen picked him up to help him catch it… unfortunately it went through his legs… luckily he was stealthy and dove and ended up with it in the end!2016-05-23_0017 2016-05-23_0016 2016-05-23_0015 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-180Mandi Mitchell Photography-3 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-181Atlanta Wedding Photographer-118

Happy wedding day to the two of you! Thanks so much for letting Ben and me be a part of your special day!

Check out more of our 2016 wedding here!!!

Awesome Vendors from the day:
Venue: Walnut Hill Farms
Coordinator: Danielle West
Wedding Dress: Affordable Bridal
Florist: Kroger
Hair Stylist: Amy Ivey
Make-up Artist: Chelsea West
Videographers: Mark Westlund and Carlos Ramirez
DJ: Chip Perry
Cake: Just Desserts
Groom/Groomsmen: Men’s Wearhouse
Invitations: Party City

10 thoughts on “Elizabeth and Dalton | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

  1. Beautiful wedding!! You did a great job telling the story of the day! This couple is very lucky they had you for their day!

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