Angel and Chris | Stone Mountain Engagement Photographer

Angel and Chris-69

Stone Mountain Park | Stone Mountain, GA

Ben and I met Angel at the Georgia Bridal Show out in Athens earlier in the year. We had never attended the show out in Athens before, so we wanted to give it a try and see about hopping into some of the Athens market. Ironically enough, none of the brides we booked from the show are getting married in Athens! Angel and Chris are getting married down in South Georgia, so come the end of July, Ben and I will be traveling down to their wedding!

I knew immediately at the show that I would love working with Angel! She talked to Ben first at the show, liked talking to him, liked our work, and came back later to talk to me! We have had a lot of fun in the past months talking about their engagement session and wedding. We had to reschedule their engagement pictures once and change locations, but I am so glad! Their session at Stone Mountain this weekend was perfect! We had such a great time starting at the Grist Mill and then headed over to the base of the mountain for some awesome pictures.

I loved getting to know Angel and Chris as a couple, how Chris moved from Las Vegas and they met through a mutual friend, how he proposed to her, and how Chris and I are both in the creatives industry- he’s a game developer and is a talented artist! I cannot wait until their wedding in than 8 weeks! It will be here before we know it. I’m so excited for the two of you!

Angel and Chris-42 Angel and Chris-57 Angel and Chris-7 2016-06-06_0001 Angel and Chris-50 Angel and Chris-4 Angel and Chris-36 2016-06-06_0002 Angel and Chris-10 Angel and Chris-11 2016-06-06_0016 Angel and Chris-12 One of my favorites from the day! So cute!Angel and Chris-60 2016-06-06_0014 Angel and Chris-55 Angel and Chris-43 Angel and Chris-47 2016-06-06_0015 2016-06-06_0013 Angel and Chris-16 Angel and Chris-302016-06-06_0004 So awesome. I love it!Angel and Chris-33 2016-06-06_0006 They changed outfits and we went to a different spot- the light was perfect!2016-06-06_0003Angel and Chris-75 Angel and Chris-18 2016-06-06_0005 Oh I love this one so much!Angel and Chris-72 Angel and Chris-24 2016-06-06_0008Angel and Chris-91 Angel and Chris-21 Angel and Chris-95 2016-06-06_0007 Angel and Chris-76 Angel and Chris-17 Chris proposed to Angel on the beach by writing her a song and playing his ukulele, so he brought it to the engagement session. I loved it!Angel and Chris-802016-06-06_0009 Angel and Chris-71 2016-06-06_0010 Angel and Chris-88 Angel and Chris-90 2016-06-06_0012Angel and Chris-81 Angel and Chris-66 2016-06-06_0011 Angel and Chris-92 Angel and Chris-70 I had put my camera away and we were done for the day when I looked over and saw this awesome sun and clouds. I got my camera back out and had us walk over to take pictures. I love this one so much!Angel and Chris

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