Jen and Adam | Georgia Aquarium Engagement

Jen and Adam Engagements-41

Georgia Aquarium | Atlanta, GA

Last week, I met with Jen and Adam for a super cool engagement session at the Georgia Aquarium. I’ve been to the aquarium a number of times, but never to take pictures. We went on a weeknight closer to when they close, so we would have less people to deal with in our pictures. We got to go to a ton of different spots throughout the aquarium and had a great time! Jen and Adam have such fun ideas for their rehearsal dinner and wedding; so it didn’t surprise me when they wanted to do something cool like the aquarium for their engagement pictures.

Jen and Adam are very family oriented and they are celebrating their wedding ALL weekend with their family and friends. Their wedding is coming up in August and their rehearsal dinner is at the aquarium as well. Ben and I get to take pictures for their rehearsal dinner. We are so excited to join them for their big party the night before their wedding.

Jen and Adam Engagements-82 So cool!Jen and Adam Engagements-40 2016-06-15_0001 Jen and Adam Engagements-20 Jen and Adam Engagements-442016-06-15_0003 Jen and Adam Engagements-462016-06-15_0014Jen and Adam Engagements-34 2016-06-15_0008 Jen and Adam Engagements-30 Jen and Adam Engagements-56 2016-06-15_0010 Jen and Adam Engagements-542016-06-15_0011Jen and Adam Engagements-102016-06-15_0015Jen and Adam Engagements-6 Jen and Adam being silly!Jen and Adam Engagements-74 2016-06-15_0006Jen and Adam Engagements-162016-06-15_0005Jen and Adam Engagements-132016-06-15_0013Jen and Adam Engagements-7 2016-06-15_0009 Jen and Adam Engagements-14Jen and Adam Engagements-36 Jen and Adam Engagements-17 Jen and Adam Engagements-21 2016-06-15_0002Jen and Adam Engagements-25 2016-06-15_0007 Jen and Adam Engagements-35I love all of the pictures in front of this huge wall with the fish and whales!
Jen and Adam Engagements-37 2016-06-15_0012Jen and Adam Engagements-47 Jen and Adam Engagements-51Jen and Adam Engagements-69 Jen and Adam Engagements-75 At the end of the evening, we went outside for a few pictures at Centennial Park. It was raining, so we took a few quick pictures, but it was fun to head outside for a few pictures.2016-06-15_0004 Jen and Adam Engagements-81

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