Ashley and James | Lake Arrowhead Photographer


Lake Arrowhead | Waleska, GA | June 25, 2016

Ashley and James got married in March of last year in a private ceremony; this year, they wanted to celebrate with friends and family. Ben and I were there to capture and take pictures for their special event. Having lived in Georgia, Hawaii, and now New Jersey, they had a lot of friends join from all over the place. Talk about some great friends who travel from Hawaii to your reception to celebrate with you!

I got connected with Ashley and James through Ashley’s mom. Dean McDowell was one of my professors when I was an education major at Berry College; and I have kept in touch with her since graduating from Berry nearly 10 years ago (what?! did I really graduate from college that long ago??) Ashley and James were at Berry a couple years I was there, but we didn’t cross paths while we were, so I was glad to get to meet them for their fun reception and take pictures for them.

They called their reception the Love Fest at the Lake and had a small ceremony in which they read their vows to each other so everyone could see what they did on their wedding day. Ashley sang a song to James that she wrote and had guests learn it ahead of time, so they joined in at the last chorus with her. I loved how sweet and special it was. The evening was spent celebrating with dancing, a giant Jenga set, an inflatable basketball goal, and karaoke! We had a great time listening to everyone’s renditions to popular songs! Thanks to Ashley and James for trusting Ben and me to take pictures of your Love Fest at the Lake!

Ashley and James-53 Ashley and James-93 Ashley and James-29 2016-07-07_0018 Ashley and James-20 2016-07-07_0003 Ashley and James-92 2016-07-07_0004 Ashley and James-86 2016-07-07_0015 Ashley and James-57 Ashley and James-30 Ashley and James-22 2016-07-07_0005 Ashley and James-56 Ashley and James-23 Ashley and James-84 Sweet puppy kisses to MamaAshley and James-58 Family pic!Ashley and James-59 2016-07-07_0013 The golf course let us borrow some golf carts to drive and take pictures.Ashley and James-63 Ashley and James-2 Ashley and James-6 Ashley and James Ashley and James-4 Ashley and James-64 Ashley and James-12 2016-07-07_0019 Ashley and James-65 2016-07-07_0023 Ashley and James-73 2016-07-07_0020 Ashley and James-68 Ashley and James-71 They are hilarious! I love it!Ashley and James-3 Ashley and James-78 Ashley and James-72 Ashley and James-10 Ashley and James-66Ashley and James-67 2016-07-07_0014 Ashley and James-80 2016-07-07_0017 Ashley and James-7 Ashley and James-13 2016-07-07_0002 I asked them to dance and this is what they did. So CUTE! I love it!Ashley and James-16 Ashley and James-17 Ashley and James-76 Ashley and James-82 Ashley and James-75 Ashley and James-18 Ashley and James asked their guests where they knew them. It was a fun way to see how their guests knew them.Ashley and James-3Sweet notes and messages from Ashley’s momAshley and James-24When your kindergarten teacher comes to your reception to speak- such a sweet moment!
Ashley and James-25Hugs from James’ momAshley and James-4Ashley and James-5Ashley and James-6Ashley and James-26 2016-07-07_0009 Gorgeous sunset!Ashley and James-97 We snuck outside for a few portraits at sunset. I loved these pictures!Ashley and James-35 Ashley and James-37 Ashley and James-96 Ashley and James-38 Ashley and James-40 2016-07-07_0010 Ashley and James-101 2016-07-07_0006 Ashley and James-102 Ashley and James-39 Ashley and James-105 Ashley and James-108 2016-07-07_0007 Ashley and James-109 Ashley and James-32 Ashley and James-94 Ashley and James-98 Ashley and James-95 Ashley and James-41 2016-07-07_0012 Ashley and James-43 Ashley and James-91 2016-07-07_0011 Ashley and James-45Ashley and James-47 2016-07-07_0021 Ashley and James-46 Ashley and James-122 2016-07-07_0001 Ashley and James-44 Ashley and James-52 2016-07-07_0024 2016-07-07_0022Best reception dance song: the Chicken Dance!2016-07-07_0016

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