Pressing Pause While On Vacation

You might have noticed that I have been quiet for a few weeks here on the blog and my Facebook page. You won’t find me often off the internet this long, but I decided that I was going to unplug while I was on vacation. I know a lot of photographers who continue their blog schedule while on vacation or blogged ahead of time and scheduled their posts, and I have done it in the past when I needed to; but this time, I decided that I would step back and not post or get on Facebook.

I am so glad I did. I enjoyed two weeks away from home first with my church’s youth group and then with my guys and my in-laws. I emailed all of my current clients two weeks ahead of time and let them know that I would be gone for two weeks and would be answering only immediately pressing emails; I answered inquiries letting them know that I was out of town, but would follow up when I got back; and set up an away message and didn’t think about my business for almost two weeks.

I know some people would say that this isn’t good business practice, but this short stretch was the only time in the months of May-October that I had two consecutive weeks with no work, no editing, and no business responsibility, so I decided to “press pause” and just enjoy being a youth leader, Mom, wife, and vacationer. It’s so important to take time for myself and press pause on my business and not think about it. I’m thankful that I can do this.

A fellow photographer and friend, Melissa Pepin, went on vacation the same week as me and on her way home, she said on her Instagram, “I have come to realize that time away isn’t a luxury… it’s a real need for our family. Shutting of my computer and putting away my gear is hard to do, but weeks like this help me remember why I work so hard in the first place.” She spoke to exactly what I was thinking and why I decided to press pause and step away from work for two weeks. I love my business, but it is also important for me to step away and take time for myself and my family; and while my husband isn’t in the creatives business, he works many long hours. I’m so thankful and proud of him for pressing pause and unplugging while on vacation as well.

Our week at the beach together as a family was amazing. I loved every second of watching Littleman play in the ocean, dig in the sand, and splash in the pool. Josh and I got some very awesome one-on-one time together

I’ll post more next week about my trips, but for now, I’ll leave you with these pictures of Littleman from the past three years at the beach in the same spot! If you follow my on Instagram, you saw me post this in a collage last week; but I love these pictures so much that I’m going to share them again on the blog!

2014: Levi at 9 monthsDSC_4991 2015: Levi at 21 months- sick, but still happy enough to take a few picturesBJL_9380 2016: Almost 3 years old and looking like he’s 5!Levi Beach

One thought on “Pressing Pause While On Vacation

  1. Good for you! We all need a break, some time away, and to focus on our family and ourselves. Also, love seeing the progression of images of your little man – really shows your improvement over the past 3 years!

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