Angel and Chris | Alma GA Wedding Photographer


Southside Church of God | Alma, GA | July 30, 2016

Angel and Chris got married this weekend in South Georgia. How did Ben and I get hooked up with a wedding in South Georgia? Well, Angel met us at the Georgia Bridal Show back in January when we went to the Athens show. She and her bridesmaid, Ashley, were there, and the two of them had such a good time talking with us at the show that Angel decided to book us that day! Ben and I were thrilled!

I got to meet Chris at their engagement session at Stone Mountain earlier this summer and immediately liked him and the two of them together. I found that Angel and I have a common love for Harry Potter and are (I was) both teachers and Chris has an artistic side like I do. He’s a graphic designer for his business with his best man, John. They are creating card and video games! How cool is that??

Ben and I went down to Alma this past weekend. Despite being a Georgia Studies teacher for 7 years and knowing a lot of Georgia geography, I couldn’t have told you where Alma was located. If you know where Waycross or the Okefenokee Swamp is located in South Georgia, it’s a little further north than that. But more importantly, Alma is in BACON County! Mmmmm… bacon. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I loved how quaint and cute Alma is. It reminded me a lot of my small hometown of Tyrone, except that Tyrone is a suburb of Atlanta with the big city close by.

Whether it was their First Look and the sweet emotions they showed in seeing each other to their sweet cuddles and kisses throughout the day to Chris seeing Angel walk down the aisle to him,ย Chris and Angel’s love for each other was apparent throughout the day. I loved getting to capture that for them! Thank you so much Angel and Chris for having Ben and me travel down and capture your day. It meant so much that you would ask us to come down and take pictures for y’all!

2016-08-01_0006 Angel and Chris-11 Angel and Chris-25 2016-08-01_0033 Angel and Chris-24 Angel and Chris-14 2016-08-01_0034 Angel and Chris-13 2016-08-01_0004 Angel and Chris-19 Angel and Chris-21 2016-08-01_0005 I love the Converse shoes! The guys had blue Converses and the girls had white ones!Angel and Chris 2016-08-01_0020 We went over to the beautiful Inn at Blueberry Plantation to get ready and take pictures before the ceremony. It was an awesome location. I am so glad we were able to take pictures there!Angel and Chris-26 Angel and Chris-29 Angel and Chris-72 2016-08-01_00352016-08-01_0038 Angel and Chris-31 Brother gets a First Look! Too cute! You can tell Dalton and Angel are really close!2016-08-01_0039 Chris’ socks are Gryffindor colors in honor of Angel!2016-08-01_0036 I love every part of this picture that Ben captured!Angel and Chris-73 When groomsmen pin on each other’s boutonnieres.Angel and Chris-103 First Look time!2016-08-01_0037Angel and Chris-32 Angel and Chris-33Angel and Chris-34 Chris kept saying, “You take my breath away” over and over.Angel and Chris-35 Angel and Chris-80 Angel and Chris-83 2016-08-01_0007 Angel and Chris-38 2016-08-01_0008 Angel and Chris-36 Angel and Chris-40 Angel and Chris-102 2016-08-01_0029 Angel and Chris-37 Angel and Chris-44 Angel and Chris-84 Angel and Chris-101 Angel and Chris-99 I love these pictures we took in the trees right here. It was such a pretty spot!Angel and Chris-87 Probably one of my favorites of the day, right here!Angel and Chris-47 2016-08-01_0027 Angel and Chris-88 Angel and Chris-49 2016-08-01_0003 Angel and Chris-94 Angel and Chris-46 Angel and Chris-96 Angel and Chris-48 Angel and Chris-90 Angel and Chris-91 2016-08-01_0028 Sweet snuggles!Angel and Chris-93 Angel and Chris-50 Angel and her bridesmaids and man of honorAngel and Chris-51 2016-08-01_0009 2016-08-01_0010 Angel and Chris-104 Angel and Chris-105 Angel and Chris-106 Wedding party selfie!Angel and Chris-56 Angel and Chris-58 Angel and Chris-60 Angel and Chris-57 Angel and Chris-3 2016-08-01_0001 Angel and Chris-4 Angel and Chris-107 2016-08-01_0011 Angel and Chris-110 Angel and Chris-112 Angel and Chris-113 2016-08-01_0012 Angel and Chris-116 Angel and Chris-117 Angel and Chris-118 Angel and Chris-159 2016-08-01_0013 Angel and Chris-61 2016-08-01_0021 Angel and Chris-119 2016-08-01_0040 Angel and Chris-120 Anyone see the cake topper for Chris’ groom’s cake??Angel and Chris-121 2016-08-01_0030 Angel and Chris-1262016-08-01_0022 Angel and Chris-128Sweet First Dance!
Angel and Chris-140
Angel and Chris-141 2016-08-01_0015 Angel and Chris-146 2016-08-01_0032 2016-08-01_0016 Best Men and Man of Honor and Maid of Honor speeches2016-08-01_0014 Angel and Chris-130 Angel and Chris-137 Angel and Chris-134 Brother and sister having a lot of fun dancing!2016-08-01_0025Angel and Chris-136 Tons of laughter and smiles all around all night long!2016-08-01_00172016-08-01_0023Angel and Chris-151 2016-08-01_0031Angel and Chris-153 2016-08-01_0024 Angel and Chris-66 2016-08-01_0018 Angel and Chris-164 2016-08-01_0019 Angel and Chris-166 Checking out the same-day reception slideshowAngel and Chris-167 2016-08-01_0026 Angel and Chris-67 Angel and Chris-169

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