Victoria and Chase | Union Point Wedding Photographer


The Corry House | Union Point, GA | August 13, 2016

Victoria had the fastest turnaround time ever when it comes to meeting, booking, and taking engagement pictures! I met Victoria at the Georgia Bridal Show back in January in Athens. I had such a great time talking with her and getting to know her briefly at the show. She told me she was interested in booking us, so by the time I got home that night, I had already heard from her! She was booked three days later, and I was shooting her engagement pictures with Chase the following Sunday!

I immediately fell in love with them as a couple. Chase has stood by Victoria during the most challenging season of her life. You can read more about it in the blog post with their engagement pictures. I have never seen someone so committed and dedicated to someone before they were married. Their love for each other shines through their smiles and laughter- they walked a journey most people don’t have to [especially not at this young age] and have a bond that connects them because of it. Their love for Christ is apparent in everything they do and was real and obvious on their wedding day as well.

They got married this past weekend at the beautiful Corry House. The almost two hour drive out there was totally worth it! This venue was one of the best outdoor spots we have ever shot at. It had such a variety of locations to take pictures in and can I say, WOW to the ceremony spot? It was simply gorgeous. You walked down a winding path into the woods where you came to this clearing that was just beautiful. You’ll have to see for yourselves what I’m talking about!

We had SO much fun at their wedding! Thanks so much for including us on your special day, Victoria and Chase. I hope you’re enjoying your free honeymoon you won! (How cool is that?!) Love you both!

2016-08-15_0001 Victoria and Chase-6 Victoria and Chase-11 2016-08-15_0002 Victoria and Chase-16 2016-08-15_0003 Victoria and Chase-7 2016-08-15_0021 Victoria and Chase Victoria and Chase-5 Victoria and Chase-21 Talk about how cute this is! #shareacoke with Victoria and Chase!Victoria and Chase-18 2016-08-15_0004 Victoria’s garter came from part of her mother’s dress. I love when little details like this are included!2016-08-15_0035 Victoria and Chase-20 2016-08-15_0050 Victoria and Chase-24 Victoria and Chase-122 So another awesome heirloom gift was her necklace- it was put together from different diamonds from family members rings and jewelry!2016-08-15_0022 2016-08-15_0028 Victoria and Chase-124 Victoria and Chase-29 2016-08-15_0023 Victoria and Chase-135 Such a sweet moment with Mother and daughterVictoria and Chase-31 Victoria and her Dad had their own First Look and it was seriously one of the sweetest I’ve ever seen. It made me tear up as I was capturing the moment. (And on a side note- this is why I love having Ben with me- you can see the different perspectives we were able to capture at the same time.)2016-08-15_0025 Victoria and Chase-137 2016-08-15_0024 Victoria and Chase-35 Victoria and Chase-36 2016-08-15_0054 Victoria and Chase-40 2016-08-15_0026 Victoria and Chase-41 Victoria and Chase-45 Victoria and Chase-142 2016-08-15_0027Spiral staircase to the TREE HOUSE at the facility!2016-08-15_0037 Victoria and Chase-46 Victoria and Chase-138 2016-08-15_0053 2016-08-15_0036Victoria and Chase-127 Victoria and Chase-129 Victoria and Chase-151 2016-08-15_0049 Victoria and Chase-134 Victoria and Chase-131 They brought their sweet dog, Lady, to the wedding to be a part of the wedding party!2016-08-15_0038 Victoria and Chase-133 Victoria and Chase-150 2016-08-15_0010Victoria and Chase wanted to pray with each other and exchange gifts… but first, her Dad wanted to hold Chase’s hand. It was a funny moment seeing as he was expecting her hand!Victoria and Chase-147 2016-08-15_0005 Victoria and Chase-53 Victoria and Chase-149 Victoria and Chase-57Victoria and Chase-154 2016-08-15_0039 This was so cool- since the ceremony site was walk down a path, they put pictures up of their relationship for each year they were together.2016-08-15_0006 Victoria and Chase-155 Chase is overwhelmed with emotion in seeing Victoria2016-08-15_0011 Victoria and Chase-160 2016-08-15_0048 Victoria and Chase-158 See the gorgeousness of this spot? Look at the sun coming through the trees!Victoria and Chase-64 2016-08-15_0012 2016-08-15_0047 Victoria and Chase-169 Sweet hug to Mom from the married lady! I love these two together throughout the day. You can tell how close Victoria is to both her Mom and her Dad.Victoria and Chase-170 Victoria and Chase-66 Victoria and Chase-67 So magical!Victoria and Chase-70 Victoria and Chase-68 Victoria and Chase-171 Victoria and Chase-175 2016-08-15_0046 Victoria and Chase-140 2016-08-15_0042 Victoria and Chase-179 Victoria and Chase-72 Victoria and Chase-82 Victoria and Chase-76 Victoria and Chase-143 Victoria and Chase-71 Victoria and Chase-83 2016-08-15_0014 2016-08-15_0040 Victoria and Chase-73 Victoria and Chase-148 2016-08-15_0045 Victoria and Chase-85 Victoria and Chase-180 2016-08-15_0043 Victoria and Chase-772016-08-15_0051 2016-08-15_0030 Victoria and Chase-902016-08-15_0041Victoria and Chase-182 2016-08-15_00072016-08-15_0033 Victoria and Chase-206 Victoria and Chase-91 Victoria and Chase-186 Victoria and Chase-94 2016-08-15_0044 Victoria and Chase-92 Victoria and Chase-188 2016-08-15_0008Victoria and Chase-96 Victoria and Chase-214 So after their sweet dance moment together, they pulled out these awesome hats and did a dance routine!Victoria and Chase-217 2016-08-15_0034 Victoria and Chase-218 We snuck back outside for a handful of pictures after dinner. So pretty!
Victoria and Chase-98 2016-08-15_0009Victoria and Chase-195Like I said earlier, their venue had a tree house! So of course I had to get them up there for some shots!
Victoria and Chase-101 And this was Ben’s shot. I love them both!Victoria and Chase-202 Victoria and Chase-194 2016-08-15_00552016-08-15_0031 Victoria and Chase-102 2016-08-15_0032 2016-08-15_0052 Victoria and Chase-203 Victoria and Chase-207 Victoria and Chase-208 2016-08-15_0019 2016-08-15_0018 Always love a little friendly cake shovingVictoria and Chase-211 Checking out the same-day slideshow!Victoria and Chase-105 Victoria and Chase-106 Victoria and Chase-192 Victoria and Chase-190 Victoria and Chase-223 2016-08-15_0017 Victoria and Chase-191 Victoria and Chase-221 2016-08-15_0029 Victoria and Chase-224 Victoria and Chase-112 2016-08-15_0015 Victoria and Chase-225 Victoria and Chase-115 Victoria and Chase-116 Victoria and Chase-226 2016-08-15_0016 Victoria and Chase-227 Victoria and Chase-119 Victoria and Chase-228

Thanks to all of the awesome vendors who helped make their day super awesome!
Wedding Venue: The Corry House
Dress Shop: Bridals by Lori
Florist: Greg Hall and Company
Wedding Coordinator: Erin Porter from The Corry House
Hair and Makeup: Bombshell Creations
DJ: Ambience Entertainment Events
Invitations: David’s Bridal
Videographer: We Two Photo/Video
Cake: Classic City Confections
Catering: Trumps Catering
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groom/Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

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