Jen and Adam | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Christ the King | Atlanta Botanical Gardens | Atlanta, GA | August 27, 2016

Jen and Adam got married this weekend at the beautiful Christ the King Catholic Church in Buckhead. Ben and I shot there last fall and loved everything about the church. From the amazing getting ready room for the bride to the gorgeous cathedral and stain glass windows, it’s just a beautiful place to get married! I can see why they are so busy and why so many people want to get married there!

We met Jen and Adam at one of our bridal shows this year. We had such a great time talking with them at the show that they decided to set up a consult with us. The morning we met for their consult, it had started snowing some and they had lost power at their place. I told them to come on over, warm up with us, and have a yummy breakfast while we met. I’m so glad they came! We had such a good time getting to know them and their history together: from meeting at Georgia Tech to Adam’s epic proposal in a HOT AIR BALLOON to Jen’s most unique engagement ring I had ever seen. It’s called a puzzle ring and comes apart when you take it off and shake it. I always am so confused when she does it and puts it back together.

Jen had a lot of family tradition in her wedding attire. She wore her Mom’s wedding dress of which her sister also wore at her wedding; she had her grandmother’s tiara she wore at her wedding; and a gorgeous sapphire ring from her aunt. People likened Jen to an elven fairy and even Princes Buttercup from The Princess Bride throughout the day. I totally agreed with those statements!

With the wedding at 2pm and reception starting at 7pm, we had a little time in the afternoon after the wedding to take pictures, so after we got the family formals done at the church, the wedding party along with Ben and me got to ride in the Tech Trolley for the afternoon! We went to Tech’s campus to take wedding party pictures as well as some couple portraits. We had a blast— but the fun doesn’t end there! A hungry wedding party and two photographers decided that Waffle House would be a perfect mid-afternoon snack before heading the reception. That’s right- WAFFLE HOUSE! Jen and Adam loved going there as students, so it was a perfect pit stop for us to eat and snap a few pictures! Definitely a first- and I hope not a last! 🙂

We headed over to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens where the reception was held and let the wedding party chill and hang out while we did the bulk of Jen and Adam’s couple portraits. The gardens right now have a Chihuly exhibit and it is gorgeous! Jen and Adam really liked the Chihuly’s, so I snuck out during the reception and snagged a few pictures for them of the gorgeous glass sculptures. At the end of the night, they left in the Wrambling Wreck as one of their groomsmen played the Georgia Tech fight song on bagpipes. HOW COOL!? Congrats to Jen and Adam! Thanks to allowing Ben and me to be a part of your special day!

2016-08-30_0001 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-17 2016-08-30_0002 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-11Jen’s puzzle ring- when it comes apart, it’s interlocked and in different pieces!Atlanta Wedding Photographer-8 2016-08-30_0003 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-9 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-16 2016-08-30_0006 This ring from her aunt. SO stunning!Atlanta Wedding Photographer-6 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-7 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-3 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-98 Because some brides like to color in Harry Potter coloring book before their wedding! I love it!!Atlanta Wedding Photographer-101Atlanta Wedding Photographer-20 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-102 2016-08-30_0036 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-105 2016-08-30_0004Atlanta Wedding Photographer-19 And then some grooms like to play poker before their wedding!Atlanta Wedding Photographer-21 2016-08-30_0049 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-23 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-106 2016-08-30_0025Atlanta Wedding Photographer-242016-08-30_0037 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-27 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-111 2016-08-30_00462016-08-30_0005 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-28 2016-08-30_0041 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-119 2016-08-30_0048Atlanta Wedding Photographer-121 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-41 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-114 2016-08-30_0032 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-29 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-31 2016-08-30_0031 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-34 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-38 2016-08-30_0038 2016-08-30_0007 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-42 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-112 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-47 Delta Sigma Phi and Alpha Delta Pi! 2016-08-30_0008 Picture with the guys from the fraternity, too! Some of the current guys in the house were a little curious as to what we were doing out there… haha!2016-08-30_0030 Time for some Waffle House! Serious so much fun! Ben and I split a waffle and hash browns 🙂2016-08-30_0009 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-50 When someone at the table (I’ll let them remain unnamed) almost tipped the waffle all over Jen!Atlanta Wedding Photographer-51 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-52 Pokemon Go— what else????Atlanta Wedding Photographer-124 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-58 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-62 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-144 2016-08-30_0033 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-632016-08-30_0023 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-722016-08-30_0047 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-60 2016-08-30_0011 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-126 2016-08-30_0044 2016-08-30_0029 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-125 2016-08-30_0028 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-128 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-61 2016-08-30_0024 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-129 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-131 2016-08-30_0010 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-135Jen and Adam love to travel. Their tables had pictures of them from different trips with the name of the location on the other side! So fun!
2016-08-30_0039 As a kid, Jen always said she wanted the Game of Life people in their car on the top of her cake… so she MADE her cake topper! How CUTE?!Atlanta Wedding Photographer-137 2016-08-30_0013 Live long and prosper!2016-08-30_0034 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-148 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-142 2016-08-30_0040 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-68 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-75 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-74 2016-08-30_0042 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-76 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-77 Reactions to pictures on their reception slideshow from when they were kids and dating- I really wish I knew what picture they were reacting to on the left!2016-08-30_0018 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-146 Practicing for the exit later in the evening!Atlanta Wedding Photographer-147 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-151 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-152 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-153 2016-08-30_0015 2016-08-30_0027 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-161 2016-08-30_0016 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-80 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-163 2016-08-30_0035 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-86 2016-08-30_0017Atlanta Wedding Photographer-165 2016-08-30_0043 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-81 2016-08-30_0019 2016-08-30_0021 Jen’s Dad and his fraternity sang a song to Jen!2016-08-30_0026Atlanta Wedding Photographer-93 2016-08-30_0022 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-175 2016-08-30_0050 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-94 Atlanta Wedding Photographer-97

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Thanks to the awesome vendors who helped make the day super awesome!
Wedding Dress: Bride’s Mom’s Dress
Bride Reception Dress: David’s Bridal
Florist: Floristique
Ceremony: Cathedral of Christ the King
Reception: Atlanta Botanical Garden
Hair: Van Michael’s Salon
Makeup: Maria Hickman Diaz
DJ: Complete Music
Invitations: Ann’s Bridal Bargains
Cake: Cakes by Diane
Caterer: A Divine Event
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groomsmen: Men’s Wearhouse
Trolley: Tech Trolley
Leaving Vehicle: Rambling Wreck

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