Cindy Bridal Portraits | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Cindy and Details-26

Flint Hill | Norcross, GA | September 3, 2016

Can I just say how much fun I had this weekend at Cindy and Slav’s wedding? These two are simply one of the funniest couples ever! Their hilarious First Look was filled with sweet kisses, but also including Cindy slapping Slav on the head, and funny insults! Cindy and Slav prove to have one of the most unique and fun relationships. All of their friends and family who gave speeches would agree just in what they said about the two of them. I just loved working with them at their wedding. I was definitely laughing a ton throughout the day and had so much fun!

Cindy was simply stunning this weekend! Her hair was gorgeous. Her mermaid dress was one of the prettiest I’ve seen. Her Jimmy Choe shoes were so shiny and glittery! 🙂 I had so much fun taking pictures of all of her detail items. I mean everything was just so gorgeous!!! I have had so much fun editing her pictures so far and cannot wait to get through more of them. Congrats to Cindy and Slav! Enjoy your honeymoon!

2016-09-06_0001 2016-09-06_0022 Cindy and Details-36 Cindy and Details-21 2016-09-06_0003 Cindy and Details-53 2016-09-06_0002 2016-09-06_0004 Cindy and Details-32 2016-09-06_0005 Cindy and Details-63 2016-09-06_0006 2016-09-06_0007 Cindy and Details-4 2016-09-06_0008 Cindy and Details-14 2016-09-06_0009 Cindy and Details-9 2016-09-06_0012 Cindy and Details-7 2016-09-06_0023 Cindy and Details-42 2016-09-06_0010 Cindy and Details-37 2016-09-06_0011 Cindy and Details-44 Cindy and Details-17 Cindy and Details-31 2016-09-06_0014 Cindy and Details-5 2016-09-06_0015 Cindy and Details-16 2016-09-06_0016 Cindy and Details-8 2016-09-06_0017 2016-09-06_0018 2016-09-06_0019 2016-09-06_0020 Cindy and Details-49 Cindy and Details-58
Vendors who worked together to make Cindy stunning!
Wedding Dress: Anya Bridal
Wedding Venue: Flint Hill
Hair: Drew DeLaney from Velvet Salon Studios
Makeup: Renee Camacho from Pure Airbrush
Jewelry: Universal Diamond
Veil: Yuri C Wedding Shoppe

4 thoughts on “Cindy Bridal Portraits | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

  1. great bridal portraits, that location is amazing…i especially love the little nook with all the vines! She’s gorgeous and sounds like so much fun to hang out with.

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