Shannon and Matt | Alpharetta Wedding Photographer


Crooked Creek Club | Alpharetta, GA | September 16, 2016

Shannon and Matt were the first of our double header this past weekend. Between the split Ben and I did last weekend and the double header we had this weekend, we shot 4 weddings in two weeks! Talk about busy and talk about lots of editing! But can I tell y’all how much fun I had editing Shannon and Matt’s blog pictures?? I’m so excited to be sharing these pictures with you!

Shannon and Matt found me from Matt’s daughter, Olivia, who was friends with one of my past brides. Olivia saw Carly’s wedding and told Shannon she HAD to book me. Once I talked to Shannon, we immediately clicked! I only just met Shannon and Matt THREE weeks ago and they booked me for their wedding just about six weeks ago; but can I tell you how much I feel like I have known them for years? Shannon and I are kindred spirits. I see her spunky personality and how outgoing she is and she reminds me a lot of myself… and I can’t forget to mention her love of dancing! I’m always dancing at some point during the wedding receptions, and Shannon almost didn’t stop all night long!

Shannon and Matt had the cutest First Look! They had such a sweet moment between the two of them, but also had their children standing to the side to get to watch their moment together. What I also love is their wedding party consisted of their children and nieces and nephews. How sweet is that?? I LOVED getting to hang out with the girls during the day. Like Shannon, by the end of the evening, I felt like I knew all of them so well and were best friends for years!

Crooked Creek was seriously one of the greatest venues! They gave us two golf carts to drive around the course, which proved to be so beautiful! We had some awesome spots throughout the course to stop. My favorite by was a bridge by the creek; but what is amazing is that when we stopped to take pictures, Shannon came up with the idea to SIT on the bridge! My brides rock! So often, they will do whatever it takes for an amazing picture. These pictures of them sitting on the bridge were my favorite of the day!

Shannon and Matt, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of your day. We had such a wonderful time getting to know you and your kiddos this weekend! I hope you’re having a great week away!

2016-09-19_0028 shannon-and-matt-109 shannon-and-matt-17 shannon-and-matt-16 Look at these gorgeous shoes!shannon-and-matt-13 2016-09-19_0017 shannon-and-matt-14 shannon-and-matt-10 shannon-and-matt-2 2016-09-19_0016 shannon-and-matt-107 2016-09-19_0029 2016-09-19_0001 2016-09-19_0030 I’m telling you, there was so much laughter and smiles while the ladies got ready!shannon-and-matt-113 2016-09-19_0027 The ladies needed a little guidance in helping lace up Shannon’s dress. Once I helped them get started, Aris kicked some tail in getting it laced up correctly! I think the adult ladies would have been lost without her!shannon-and-matt-115 shannon-and-matt-116 Such an awesome First Look!!2016-09-19_0003Look at Matt’s face!2016-09-19_0018 shannon-and-matt-23 shannon-and-matt-120 “What do you think??? I look hot, right???”shannon-and-matt-117 shannon-and-matt-25 shannon-and-matt-34 2016-09-19_0031shannon-and-matt-28I’m in LOVE with this shot!shannon-and-matt-142 2016-09-19_0044shannon-and-matt-131 2016-09-19_0036 shannon-and-matt-59 2016-09-19_0033shannon-and-matt-124 2016-09-19_0024 shannon-and-matt-127 shannon-and-matt-137 shannon-and-matt-130 2016-09-19_0032 shannon-and-matt-144 shannon-and-matt-61 2016-09-19_0025 shannon-and-matt-147 2016-09-19_0004 2016-09-19_0013 shannon-and-matt-143 2016-09-19_0009 shannon-and-matt-64 shannon-and-matt-146 2016-09-19_0019 Doggie ring bearers! Shannon loves her pooches!shannon-and-matt-148 shannon-and-matt-121 2016-09-19_0035 shannon-and-matt-125 2016-09-19_0020 shannon-and-matt-56 2016-09-19_0037 shannon-and-matt-126 2016-09-19_0006 shannon-and-matt-129 2016-09-19_0023 shannon-and-matt-50 2016-09-19_0034 shannon-and-matt-55 shannon-and-matt-140 2016-09-19_0005 2016-09-19_0010 shannon-and-matt-71 2016-09-19_0026 shannon-and-matt-149 shannon-and-matt-152 shannon-and-matt-153 shannon-and-matt-154 shannon-and-matt-73 Matt sang to Shannon during the ceremony- so sweet!2016-09-19_0041 Excited to hug him after he sang to her!shannon-and-matt-157 2016-09-19_0040 shannon-and-matt-160 2016-09-19_0042 shannon-and-matt-161 The girls were singing a song at the end of the ceremony and it kept messing up about 20 seconds in and played a different song. Shannon decided to dance while they figured it out- I’m tell you, she was hilarious and likes to dance!shannon-and-matt-164 Awesome first kiss!2016-09-19_0043 shannon-and-matt-167 shannon-and-matt-151 2016-09-19_0012Grooms cake that incorporated all of his favorite past times: golf, hunting, and guitar!
shannon-and-matt-75 2016-09-19_0002 shannon-and-matt-43 2016-09-19_0007 2016-09-19_0008 shannon-and-matt-41 2016-09-19_0011 shannon-and-matt-76 Madison celebrated her 18th birthday at the wedding, so everyone sang happy birthday!shannon-and-matt-77 Shannon and Matt took dance lessons before their wedding and had a really nice dance showing of all of their hard work. And then…shannon-and-matt-168 …they cut it loose! Matt loses his suit jacket and Shannon grabs and boa and they get down! Seriously the most epic first dance ever! Even knowing Matt for a short time, I can tell he REALLY loves Shannon to have gotten out there and danced like this… or her power of persuasion if pretty powerful. 🙂shannon-and-matt-80 shannon-and-matt-81 2016-09-19_0039 shannon-and-matt-82 shannon-and-matt-83 shannon-and-matt-84 2016-09-19_0038shannon-and-matt-169 2016-09-19_0014 shannon-and-matt-100 2016-09-19_0021 shannon-and-matt-170 shannon-and-matt-171 shannon-and-matt-101 shannon-and-matt-102 shannon-and-matt-173 shannon-and-matt-103 2016-09-19_0015 shannon-and-matt-174 2016-09-19_0022 Jake did some epic Dirty Dancing lifts at the end of the night when they played “Time of My Life.”shannon-and-matt-177 You know Shannon loves her dogs when they get to leave with the sparkler exit at the end of the night and leave in the car with them!shannon-and-matt-105 shannon-and-matt-106

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Thanks to all of the vendors who made their day super special!

Wedding/Reception Venue: Crooked Creek Club

Wedding Dress/Bridesmaids Dresses: Bravura

Hair: Simply I Do Affairs

Makeup: Shanda Anderson

Florist: Simply I Do Affairs

DJ: Nice Guys Entertainment

Videographer: Nice Guys Entertainment

Cake: Suzie Young

Caterer: Crooked Creek Club

Groom/Groomsmen; Saavi Formalwear

3 thoughts on “Shannon and Matt | Alpharetta Wedding Photographer

  1. As mother of the bride, I am loving reliving the wedding day with these magnificent photos. Shannon and Matt spent hours preparing for this magical evening. My thanks to our guests (friends and family who made the extra effort to attend, it was a night filled with love and joy.. Aris was the perfect flower girl, Clayton in his first tux, Jake so grown up with his girlfriend Bree, Taylor our fashion model, Shannons God child Madison shared the limelight as her 18th birthday, and Mary Ellen and Olivia. We are truly a blessed family.

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