Allison and Shawn Engagements | Atlanta Engagement Pictures


Ponce City Market/Old Fourth Ward Park/The Atlanta Beltline | Atlanta, GA

Allison and Shawn’s engagement session was one of the most diverse ones I’ve ever shot in terms of location/background. Whenever I do engagement pictures, we’re often in the woods or with a field somewhere or we’re in a historic area with brick and buildings or we are getting a city scape or we’re at a park. Allison and Shawn’s pictures included all of this in the span of the hour and a half we took their pictures and I loved it!

We started their session at Ponce City Market for a few pictures outside of the market. This spot provided some cool old brick buildings as well as an awesome painted wall. We quickly proceeded to Old Forth Ward Park which allowed for some cool pictures in a park with a fountain and trees; and then onto the Atlanta Beltline for pictures which gave us some city commissioned graffiti, a cool looking field with tall grass, Ponce in the background, the Atlanta cityscape, and a fun path to walk on and take pictures.

It actually started raining during the session, but it was drizzling most of the time, so we carried on and just got slightly wet. We were blessed that it didn’t pour while we were walking on the Beltline for pictures! We would have been in a rough spot with that one!

Having known Allison for a few years now, I am so very excited for Allison to have met Shawn. I can’t wait to shoot their wedding later next year! Congrats to the two of you! I had so much fun taking your engagement pictures!

allison-and-shawn-engagements-2 allison-and-shawn-engagements-30 2016-12-05_0001allison-and-shawn-engagements-5 allison-and-shawn-engagements-32 I love all of the laughter and smiles from their session. It was so much fun!allison-and-shawn-engagements-3 allison-and-shawn-engagements-42 allison-and-shawn-engagements-20 2016-12-05_0002 allison-and-shawn-engagements-4 Her ring is so pretty! I love the way it looks with the “antiquey look” (as I like to say using technical terms and all).allison-and-shawn-engagements-26 allison-and-shawn-engagements-29 allison-and-shawn-engagements-31 allison-and-shawn-engagements-23 2016-12-05_0004 allison-and-shawn-engagements-10 allison-and-shawn-engagements-44 allison-and-shawn-engagements-16 allison-and-shawn-engagements-27 Allison and Shawn met during ballroom dancing lessons, so it was only fitting that I had them bust out a few moves for me! I can’t wait to see what they come up with for the wedding!allison-and-shawn-engagements-35 allison-and-shawn-engagements-38 allison-and-shawn-engagements-36 allison-and-shawn-engagements-41 allison-and-shawn-engagements-21 2016-12-05_0007 2016-12-05_0005 allison-and-shawn-engagements allison-and-shawn-engagements-12 2016-12-05_0003 allison-and-shawn-engagements-24 allison-and-shawn-engagements-22 allison-and-shawn-engagements-17 allison-and-shawn-engagements-40 allison-and-shawn-engagements-13 allison-and-shawn-engagements-9 allison-and-shawn-engagements-7 allison-and-shawn-engagements-6 2016-12-05_0006 allison-and-shawn-engagements-45 allison-and-shawn-engagements-46

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